The Origins Of Popular Superstitions And Customs  ~ Magick7





It is somewhat singular that Brand should have confined his notes to the growth of the various card games in England, omitting entirely all reference to the superstitions which cloud the atmosphere of the gambler, and even the card player who does not play for money, or, if he does, for very small stakes. In games of chance and skill combined, we find just that sort of uncertain feeling which provokes all kinds of theories as to what is right and wrong; the right and wrong in this association meaning no more than success or failure. A search for such superstitious theories is speedily rewarded; the joint authors of The Encyclopedia of Superstitions have collected quite a little crowd of them; some old, some new; some whimsical and without reason; others indicative of observation, and having a basis in common-sense. I propose first to enumerate a few of them, and afterwards to make an attempt at the discovery of their origin.