Bewitching Potion

Place a glass of water in the moonlight. Add 1 large pinch of the following ingredients to it, fennel seed, powdered nutmeg, grated ginger, fresh or dried thyme, fresh or dried basil. Leave the concoction to steep overnight. Strain the brew into a clean glass bottle. When a few drops of this potion is dabbed on your loverís clothes, it will bewitch your love.

Passion Potion

Anoint a pink candle with frankincense oil and vervain oil, then light it. In a glass perfume bottle pour in, violet water, rose water and orange blossom water of equal amounts. Replace the lid and shake it in front of the flame. While holding the bottle stare into the potion, and envision your ideal partner, then snuff out the candle. When you dab this potion on your pulse points, it will attract passion.