Clothing Color Magic




Clothing Color Magic

You can use the power of color to influence the environment around you. People respond instinctively on the level of color you display. By experimenting with different colors, you will find repeated successes and some conflict. Rely on your instinctive light as a guides you when you choose what to wear, don’t change your mind after you made a choice. The person you are wearing it for will respond positively if you feel a positive response to yourself when you look in the mirror.

Spirits are attracted to certain colors they are sympathetic to. The colors of the spectrum transmit strong magnetic vibrations which spirits link in the ether.

Red: Energizing and passionate. It erases moods that are negative, gloomy and depressed.

Pink: Pink emits and attracts love, this is the color of romance.

Orange: Like the Sun it is revitalizing. When you wear it alone it is the marriage sign, it can make your journey faster to the altar, with your lover.

Yellow: It encourages circulating energies. It is mentally stimulating and a good influence on financial gain.

Green: This is the color of nature which represents fertilely and hope.

Turquoise: This color has influences of healing and brightening, due to the blending of blue and green.

Blue: “Blue means True” It is both inspirational and calming. It is a good color to wear when you are overanxious and quick tempered.

Purple: It is the color of luxury, success, spiritual protection and social advancement into regal circles.

Black: Black can be depressing and has a negative influence on the wearers personally when worn too often.

Brown: This is the color of earth, golden brown is positive , but dark brown is grounding.

Grey: This is the color of clouds, which does not have a cheerful appearance, and which may influence a negativity.

White: It is innocence, honesty and purity.

Silver: It influence reveals dormant emotions both calm and turbulent and brings them to clarity, since it is associated with the Moon.

Gold: It influences happiness and wealth which is the luckiest color to wear when you have a job interview.