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To Make Him Only Have Eyes For You

  On the beach pick up two large matching shells, or buy two scallop shells. Seashells symbolize love, which Venus had stood on a huge seashell that floated and carried her to the shores of Cyprus. Shells are also related to the moon, femininity and birth.
 Take a small photograph of yourself and a photograph of the one you desire. If you donít have a photo of that person write down their Christian name and surname with red ink, for passion, on a small piece of pink paper, for love.
 With a paper clip, pin the photographs face to face together, and place them in the shells. Tie the shells together with a knot, using red or pink ribbons, string or cord. This binds you together tightly.

 Keep the shells in a safe place. Do not untie the knot, unless you wish to undo the love spell.