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To Reunite Lovers

You have less attention from your partner, or you are parted and want a reconciliation. Take a red candle, which represents passion and masculinity, and a white candle that symbolizes feminine purity.

Using a pin write his Christian name and surname on the red candle. On the white candle write your Christian name and surname on the candle. If you are married to him, write your married name.

Anoint both candles with a few drops of pure essential oil of lavender. Lavender is ruled by Mercury, and will help repair communication.

Rub the lavender oil downwards into the candle from the top representing north, towards the centre. Repeat this process in reverse, beginning at the base of the candle representing south, and upwards to the centre. Oiling the candle charges it with your emotions.

Write both your Christian names and surnames on one piece of paper. Use your marital surname if you are married to him. Place the candles in holders on top of the paper, and light the candles.

Sit quietly and imagine both of you being together, happy and in love. Take the two candles, and pour a little red wax, and white wax over both of your names on the paper. Then sprinkle a few drops of lavender oil over the wax and say :

Your fate is sealed. We are one.

In one hour after you began your magic snuff out the candles out. Place the piece of paper with your names in a new envelope. Keep it in your pillow case, a bedroom drawer or under your bed mattress. When the spell has worked, and both of you back together in love, burn or bury the envelope.