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To Make Your Lover Devote More Time to You

Your lover may devote his time to something or someone else, before you, you can change this.

Take a orange candle and two pins. Write his name, on the top half of the candle. On the lower half of the candle write the persons name or situation that is keeping him away from you. Insert one pin from the left to right and the second pin from right to left through the candle, crossing the wick. Light the candle. When the candle burns through the pins, snuff it out, remove the pins and re-light the candle, and saying these words:

Your mind shall be turned to me,
It is me you will want to see.
I shall say when I want to see you,
The game you play I play too.

When the candle burns through the writing, snuff it out and bury it with the pins.