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To Restore Family Harmony

Roll a blue candle in dried mint or anoint it with mint oil, by rubbing the oil from the wick tip to the base. (The planet Mercury, the bringer of communication, rules mint.) As you light the candle think of all the unhappy members in the family.

On a piece of new white paper, write down the names of the family members, who you wish to harmonize in love. Take a pinch of salt, and a pinch of fresh or dried peppermint leaves or peppermint oil (which is ruled by Venus) and rub it into the paper using your finger tips. Fold the paper into a envelope shape, so that it contains the salt and herbs. Touch the paper to the candle flame and say these words:

Blood is thicker than water,
It binds father, mother, son and daughter.
I command all quarrels to now subside,
Peace at home will prevail and preside.

Place the paper in a saucer to extinguish. Let the candle burn for an hour and snuff it out. Bury or burn the remnants from the saucer.