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To Cool A Divorce

Take some of his or her handwriting and a small bottle of camphor essential oil.

On the night of a full moon, in his or her absence, place the paper bearing his or her handwriting in a dish. On a small piece of fresh white paper write your wish that you do, or alternatively do not want a divorce. Place the paper in the dish.

Sprinkle seven drops of camphor oil over both pieces of paper. Once the writing has smudged, place seven ice cubes on top. Camphor is inflammable and the ice will take the heat out of a volatile divorce situation.

When the ice has melted, bury the pieces of paper if you do not want a divorce and with your fingertips, sprinkle every drop of the camphor water around every room of your home. Its smell will clear the air.

If you do want the divorce, tear the paper into tiny pieces and wash the paper and camphor water down the sink with cold water.