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To Mend A Broken Heart And Find A New Love

To sever the past, cut a pomegranate in half from top to bottom. The inside looks like a heart with veins. It is controlled by the planet Mercury, which influences new meetings with potential love.

In red ink, to represent blood and life, write your own name on a small piece of new white paper. Place the paper between the two pomegranate halves, and join the halves with two pins. Place the pomegranate in front of a pink candle. Light the candle and knot a red ribbon or thick red cord around the pomegranate while you say these words:

My heartbreak will ease,
A new lover, come to me to please.
I tie this cord with a knot,
For a new love, I know not yet.

To dry your tears and mend your heart, place the pomegranate in a oven on a low heat until it has completely dried. Hide the pomegranate. Love will soon arrive.