Happy Home Spells




Stop Haunting Memories

When memories and bad dreams plague your life, and haunt your sleep, cast this spell on the night of a full moon. Use full moon jinx removing oil: five drops of camphor oil and five drops of peppermint oil. At 11.55 pm anoint a silver or white candle with the oil. Rub the oil with your fingertips down from the candle’s wick (representing the North Pole) to the center, and up from the base (representing the South Pole) to the center. Turn off all the lights in the room and light the candle at midnight while saying these words: “I am free from those who wish to harm my mind, body, or soul.” Sit with the candle while it burns. At one o’clock in the morning, snuff out the candle.

To Deter An Unwanted Visitor

To avoid this unwanted visitor from revisiting you, all you need is sea salt. Right after they leave, sprinkle the sea salt on the ground where they last said goodbye. Sea salt is a protector against evil forces and also a purifier.

To Silence Gossip

Write the name of the gossiper with blue ink on a square piece of purple paper. Place the paper in a small empty bottle, fill the bottle with garlic powder, or garlic cloves. Bury the bottle outside, or inside in a pot of dirt to suppress the gossipers words.

To Discourage A Love Rival

Write the rivals name in black ink on a white piece of paper. Put the paper under a heavy rock or stone. This will subdue the rivals intentions to take your love away from you. Your relationship will be free from jealousy and competition.