Home Sweet Home

You can bless your home and protect it from burglars and fires by Sprinkling sea salt around the perimeter, and plant garlic around the boundary. Pray for a circle of blue light for healing, and a circle of gold light for protection placed around the home.

Tame disruptive neighbors by placing small hand mirrors on your windowsills facing their homes. This reflects back what they are sending to you, and say ďReturn to sender.Ē Have no anger attached to your actions and they will respond to your influences without realizing why.

Life Filled With Sunshine           

St Johnís wort is regarded as the emblem of the sun. Light a orange candle, and place a bunch of St Johnís wort beside it. Make a wish, then hang the bunch of St Johnís wort over your entrance door. Leave the candle to extinguish itself. It will ward off evil and bring your wish