Happy Home Spells




To Deter A Love Rival

Write down the name of the rival in chalk, on a small piece of black paper. Place the paper in a small pill bottle. Fill the bottle with pickling spice, replace the lid and bury it where three roads meet. This spot is dedicated to Hecate, the goddess of sorcery.

To Stop A Love Opponent

Write the rivals name in black ink, on a small jagged piece of black paper. Place the paper in a glass pill bottle, sprinkle with seven pinches of sea salt and seven pins. Fill the bottle with water, and replace the lid. Bury the bottle so that the glass end is pointing in the compass direction of your rivalís home.

A Full Moon Wish

Outside during a full moon, hold a glass of water up to the moon, so the moon reflects on the water. Close your eyes, make your wish, then drink all the water while wishing all the negative things in your relationship dispersing with the flow of the moon. The waning moon will carry away all the negative emotions.

Mirror Magic Wishes

On a starry night, stand outside with a hand held mirror. Reflect seven stars in the mirror, on seven consecutive days, and make your wish on each of the seven stars. Mirrors symbolize imagination, believed to contain and absorb images. A hand held mirror is an emblem of truth. As your soul is said to be projected in a mirror image, so too is the essence of the stars.