Ghosts And Spirits
Descriptions of ghosts and spirits throughout the world.

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Knockers Cornish ghosts who live in tin mines. They are supposed to be the spirits of the Jews who crucified Christ and were sent to the underground chambers for all eternity. For that reason, miners never make the sign of the cross for fear of alienating the ghosts, which help miners by knocking on the walls of mines to show where the ore is located.

Cornish goblins who dwell in mines of southwestern England, knockers point out rich veins of lead, silver and tin by tapping on the shaft walls with their antler picks, hence their name. Miners often leave behind pieces of Cornish pasty for them to eat. However, whistling and swearing annoys them and they will shower the guilty person with pebbles and gravel until he stops. There is a belief that they are the ghosts of the Jews who took part in the crucifixion of Jesus and were sent to work in the mines as punishment, which makes them fear the cross. Knockers also exist in Wales, where they are called coblynau.