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The “Kelpie” is an invisible water spirit that haunts rivers and river crossings in Scotland. It can appear as a wild man or horse which tricks people into coming into the river and drowning. The terrifying cries of the Kelpies can sometimes be heard during violent storms.

A Scottish water spirit, while the kelpie sometimes manifests himself as a short, hairy man, he is usually seen as a wild young colt who enjoys throwing its riders into the sea or a cross between a horse and a bull, with two long, sharp horns. In his guise as a horse, it is possible to temporarily tame him with the use of a magic bridle, though this will infuriate him no end and it would be best not to be present when it is removed. He often eats his victims after they have drowned, and is recognizable by his inverted hoof prints. Sometimes he takes the form of a handsome young prince, leading maidens to a watery fate worse than death. In this shape, he can be discerned by the shells or barnacles in his hair. In Ireland, he is known as the aughisky.