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The Banshee is the infamous Grey Lady of Death who haunts certain Irish families. A female spirit in Gaelic folklore believed to presage, by wailing, a death in a family. She appears in a grey cloak and always has long, flowing hair. She can either be young and attractive or old and haggard. In either case her wailing announces a family member’s imminent death, even if that person is thousands of miles away from home.

The name of the banshee is derived from the Celtic for "woman of the Fairies ". According to the Irish, to see one is to foresee one's own death. Her voice is usually heard wailing outside a family's ancestral home just prior to a person's death, and many tales have been told of banshees wailing outside someone's birthplace just as the person dies, far across the seas. Her lamentations are in an unintelligible language, and her cry is a blend of a wild goose's screech, an abandoned child's cries and a wolf's howl. She may appear with straggling black hair, one nostril, protruding teeth and eyes red from weeping, or as a pale, beautiful young woman wearing a grey cloak and a green gown, or as a hag in a shroud, but is usually seen in loose white drapery, mournfully wailing as the sun sets. A large number of them together omens the death of a great or holy person.


 Banshee - actually should be spelled Bean Si .  The Scots call her Bean-Nighe.  She's an Irish death spirit.