Ghosts And Spirits
Descriptions of ghosts and spirits throughout the world.

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These Irish fairies are chiefly occupied as shoemakers for the fairies, and are never seen with more than one shoe in their possession so that they can escape quickly when a mortal sees them. Like many animals, they hibernate underground during the winter and emerge only in the summer, when the tapping of their hammers can be heard over moors and meadows. They are merry fellows, dressed in green and wearing cocked red caps, breeches, leather aprons and buckled shoes, working on shoes under dock leaves. Like their cousins the Cluricauns, they indulge in alcohol, though only in heather ale. Leprechauns also know the location of hidden treasure, but it is useless to seek them for that reason. A leprechaun can be caught, but never held, and as soon as a human tries to interrogate him he will fling the contents of his snuffbox in his face, and when the human recovers from his fit of sneezing, the leprechaun will be long gone.