Ghosts And Spirits
Descriptions of ghosts and spirits throughout the world.

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These fairies of Brittany are less than two feet tall, and can predict the future, assume any form they please, move from place to place as fast as thought, and cure maladies with charms. If a human is to their liking, they may tell him one of these charms. The females have long flowing hair, which they often comb, and wear a long white veil as a dress around their bodies. They look ravishingly beautiful at night, but in the daylight, their eyes are red, their hair is white, and their faces are wrinkled, so they rarely let themselves be seen at this time. They are fond of music, but do not dance, and have a tendency to haunt springs. They celebrate each returning spring with a great nocturnal festival with great food, lit by a crystal cup emitting bright light. At the end, a cup filled with liquor that can make the drinker as wise as god is passed round the table. At the coming of a mortal, the entire festival will simply vanish. The korrigans may steal children, but can be exorcised by invoking the Virgin Mary with a rosary. it is said that they were once princesses who refused to accept Christianity and were changed into spirits through God's curse, which explains why they detest it so. They continue their race by uniting with handsome young men.