Ghosts And Spirits
Descriptions of ghosts and spirits throughout the world.

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These demon dwarfs of Japan resemble grotesque little men with tortoiseshells on their backs and claws on their webbed hands and feet. They have greenish skin, round eyes, beaked noses, smell of rotten fish and a circular depression filled with water on the tops of their heads. They descend from the spirits of drowned people, and lie in wait for wandering people and animals at the water's edge, ready to drag them into the water where they will eat them from the inside out. If you are unfortunate enough to encounter a kappa, you should do either one of two things: bow, so that it will return the bow, spilling the water stored in its head and rendering it powerless until it submerges itself to refill the depression, or throw it a cucumber with your name and age carved on it, as they love these even more than they love human flesh and will gladly eat it instead, making a note of who you are so that they will spare you in the future. Kappas can travel on their cucumbers, which fly like dragonflies. they have been known to befriend wise men, and teach them the art of setting bones.