Ghosts And Spirits
Descriptions of ghosts and spirits throughout the world.

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Formed from "smokeless fire , the fire of the wind Simoom, these entities were created several millennia before Adam, and were governed by a succession of monarchs named Suleyman, the last of which was called Jān ibn Jān and built the pyramids of Egypt. However, because of their disobedience, they were punished and driven from the earth to the islands by the angels. Many were imprisoned or slaughtered, and one captured jinnee (a male jinn; the female is called a jinniyeh) known as Azāzel became an angel but refused to worship Adam and so was banished and became a sheytān or devil, the father of all sheytāns. The jinn are not immortal, but will survive mankind, and can be destroyed by men, other jinn, or shooting stars hurled at them from heaven. Because fire runs in their bodies instead of blood, once hit, they will burn to death. They eat, drink and can have children with other jinn or humans. Good jinn are of great beauty, while evil jinn are gigantic and horribly deformed. They hate iron, and the evil jinn can cause waterspouts and sandstorms. All jinn can change their shape and have great powers of magic. They also live in the mountains of Kāf, but some may take up residence in baths, wells, latrines, ovens, ruined houses, seas, rivers and market places. They can fly up to the lowest heavens and listen to the words of the angels, and from this can learn the future. Men, with the use of talismans or magic, can make them obey their words and ask them divulge their knowledge of the future.