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Descriptions of ghosts and spirits throughout the world.

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According to a Slavic folk tale, Iskrzycki (whose name literally meant firestone) was a man like creature with horse's hooves whom a nobleman took in as a servant. When he noticed his hooves, the nobleman wanted to back out of the contract. but Iskrzycki insisted that he must keep to his word, and took p his abode invisibly in the stove. After a while, the household became accustomed to his presence, but the lady still disliked him and persuaded the lord to have them move to another castle. However, on the way to their new home, their carriage began to overturn, and as the lassie cried out, Iskrzycki's voice rang out from nowhere, saying "Iskrzycki is with you!" Seeing, that there was no getting rid of him, the lord and lady moved back, and lived on good terms with their strange servant until his term had ended.