Ghosts And Spirits
Descriptions of ghosts and spirits throughout the world.

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In China, these are souls of people who have not earned enough merit during their lives to warrant promotion to the afterworld, and must continue their miserable existences on earth, naturally making them angry and evil natured and eager to take revenge on those who sin, although they may act charitably towards their descendants. When displeased, at best they will merely overturn furniture and pinch children's faces, and at worst they will bring sickness and death. They resemble skeletons, except that their skulls are fronted with demonic faces, and tend to have long tongues. They have no legs, and so the males get around by jumping, and the females glide above the floor. Because they can only move in straight lines, putting a screen in front of a doorway in a room will frustrate them, as they will not be able to go round it, and roofs with upward curving gables will prevent them from sliding down them and pouncing on people below. They also shy from iron and steel, and if asked a riddle, they will ponder upon it for a while, then give up and go elsewhere.