Ghosts And Spirits
Descriptions of ghosts and spirits throughout the world.

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The goblins resemble miniature humans, but their smiles of malicious mischief and depraved cunning have never been matched by those of humans. a goblin smile will curdle the blood, and his laugh sours milk and causes fruit to fall from trees. Their prime works o mischief are luck spoiling and weaving nightmares to be inserted in people's ears. They also enjoy tipping over pails of milk, hiding hens' eggs, pestering horses making them blow and stamp, blowing soot down chimneys, extinguishing candles in haunted houses, and altering signposts. They are able to communicate with wasps, mosquitoes, hornets and flies, and enjoy directing them to humans or horses and watching the results with delight. Goblins have no actual homes, for although they may infest mossy clefts in rocks or roots in old trees, they are too capricious to settle down for long, and travelers can often hear their squeals and titters as they plot some fresh mischief. Their king is Gwyn ap Nudd, who rules them from the realm of Gwerddonnau Llion.