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Descriptions of ghosts and spirits throughout the world.

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Tall, with twisted, ugly features and a body covered with black hair, the fenoderee is a Brownie who dwells on the Isle of Man . Originally, he was a handsome prince from the proud Fairy tribe of the Ferrishyn, and his present looks are a punishment for failing to attend a fairy festival, preferring to spend his time with a mortal maiden. He possesses great strength and is favored by farmers for helping with heavy agricultural tasks, and are famed for their skill, thoroughness and efficiency in harvesting crops. He may mischievously shake hands with someone, easily crushing the person's hand with his grip. However, people can take advantage of his dullness and instruct him to gather water in a sieve or round up a hare with a flock of sheep in revenge. Like all brownies, he is offended by thanks or gifts, especially of clothes, and will not tolerate criticism either.