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Descriptions of ghosts and spirits throughout the world.

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Called the huldrafolk by the Norwegians, the elves perpetuate the whole of Scandinavia and are classified into the White and Black Elves, being good and evil respectively. White elves dwell in the air, and make dance in the grass or sit in the leaves of trees, while black enjoy inflicting sickness and injury on mankind. An intermediate class of Högfolk or hill people also exists, and their singing can be heard from out of the hills at night, especially during summer. This music is in the minor key, and is a dull and mournful sound. However, they also know of a tune known as the Elf King's Tune, which can make everything and anything (including inanimate objects) within earshot, dance. The dancing can then only be stopped by playing the tune backwards or by cutting the strings of the fiddle on which it is played. Black elves often live under the houses of mankind, being sportive and mischievous and often imitating the actions of men. They love cleanliness, and will reward the neatest servants, but will punish those who will not listen to their requests. Elves enjoy dancing in the meadows, and the touch of their feet helps grass to grow, thus producing a ring of brighter green in the grass of meadows and woods. Mortals will be able to see them if they go to a center of a circle at midnight, and though it need not be exactly midnight, it should be quite some time before cockcrow, as this is when they will vanish. However, not all people can see them, and you are only assured of this ability if you were born on a Sunday or have had the gift of this sight bestowed upon you.