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These folk live in the moors of Denmark. The elleman is an old man with a low crowned cap on his head, while the ellewoman is young with a fair and attractive appearance, but hollow in the back and with a cow's tail, and of course, heartless. Young men should beware of her, as she possesses a string instrument that she used to ravish their hearts, and can be seen lightly and gracefully dancing by moonlight, tempting men to join them. If he refuses to the latter proposition, the ellewoman may inflict a sickness upon him. The elleman is also dangerous, as he will breathe upon those who come too close to him while he sunbathes, producing sickness and pestilence. If an animal comes to graze on a hill where an elleman has spat or done worse, it will be be attacked by the disease. Cattle may also contract this by mixing with the ellefolk's cattle, which are large, blue, and survive on dew. However, if a farmer is uneasy about letting his livestock feed upon a hill, he need only ask the ellefolk if it is safe to do this, and if he is not prevented from doing so, he can put his mind at rest. They tend to steal dough and other food from mortals, and are believed to be the descendants of Adam and Lilith, his first wife.