Ghosts And Spirits
Descriptions of ghosts and spirits throughout the world.

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These cruel demon fairies can be compared with the evil Jinn of the Arabs., and were part of the pre Islamic Persian faith of Zoroastrianism. They live in Jinnestān, in the mountains of Kāf, which are made of green chrysolite, the colour of which the sky reflects. They are two thousand miles high, and surround the flat disc of the earth with the ocean flowing around them. Their capital is Ahermanabād (Aherman's city) and there the Deev monarch, Arzshenk, resides in a splendid enchanted palace. They are constantly battling the Peries, and at times, heroes have led battles against them. Like the peries, hey are greatly superior to man, and have much longer lifespans (although they are mortal in the end), but share human emotions and sensitivities in their natures. However, they are known to detest perfume, which is the food of the peries.