Ghosts And Spirits
Descriptions of ghosts and spirits throughout the world.

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 He's a Leprechaun after he's finished work for the day.  Cluricauns raid wine cellars and torture sheep and dogs by riding them like horses in the moonlight.

These Irish fairies look after inns, keeping mainly to the wine cellars and resembling miniature innkeepers with their of stockings, silver buckled shoes, white shirts and aprons, and red caps. In a well run establishment, the cluricaun will only take his fair share of food and drink, but in a badly run inn, he will gobble the food and swallow the drink in such quantities that the landlord will soon be put out of business. A cluricaun may also steal from the cellar of man who is fond of wine, and if he drinks too much the house will never be free of the sound of breaking bottles, drunken shouts and songs, and general tumult as he blunders around the cellar. If this should happen, the homeowner should simply cut off the cluricaun's supply of drink. After a while, he will seek more hospitable quarters, and become another drinker's problem. In England, they are known as buttery spirits.