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Ghosts And Spirits
Descriptions of ghosts and spirits throughout the world.

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These cheerful and helpful house spirits of Scotland are devoid of mischief and prefer to live in harmony with mortals, doing their housework, guiding their cows back to the farmyard and ushering their hens back to their roosts. Although small and hairy with flat faces and pinhole nostrils, their happy smiles and extrovert characters soon create a feeling of goodwill for mortals, and only people with similar natures will be able to see brownies. As these are mostly children, brownies love to play with children, telling them stories and teaching them to make daisy chains and wildflower posies. The presence of brownies is enough to reverse the negative effects of any Goblins around. Still, leaving gifts out for them is unwise, as they dislike this and may not return to help the family again.


The Brownie - They are typically a tiny, shaggy-looking man with wrinkled brown skin.  They are approximately 25 inches tall.  They are usually either naked or their brown clothing is in extremely bad condition.  Brownies like to adopt houses which they look after.  They come out at night to finish small chores, look over the cattle.  If there is a lazy servant in the home, he might choose to plague him for it.  All Brownies expect in return is a bowl of cream or good milk and a honey cake.  Never leave clothes and never leave too much food. They find this offensive and will leave.  Care should be taken not to criticize their work.  When one farmer criticized the mowing job, the Brownie responsible threw the entire crop over a cliff.