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Ghosts And Spirits
Descriptions of ghosts and spirits throughout the world.

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From Gypsy legend, Ana is the extremely beautiful princess of the Keshalyi and lived in a palace in the rocky mountains until she was forced to marry the king of the Loçolico, the underground demon people. She bore him many terrifying children who cause the diseases that mankind must endure today. Finally, she gave birth to Poreskoro, the most terrifying of these demons, a horror with four dogs' heads, four cats' heads and a tail like a snake with a forked tongue. He causes the worst epidemics such as the plague and cholera, and all the most deadly parasitical diseases. Upon seeing his son, the king was so appalled that he granted Ana her freedom, on condition that all female keshalyi should be sent to the Loçolico upon reaching the age of 999 years. Now, Ana resides in an inaccessible castle amid high crags, and only very rarely shows herself, always in the shape of a golden toad.