Magick 7


Dominoes Divination




To answer a question, all the dominos are placed face down, swirl them around, while thinking of a question you are asking in you mind. Stop moving them when your intuition tells you. Meditate on it for a while, then pick three tiles up. The combination has certain meanings with each tile and it's corresponding dots. Three dominos are also used for different facets in you life. You can assign one as Past, present and future. Sometimes you can just pick up one domino for a fast answer.


Six ~ Six

Luckiest domino, success, love, happiness, financial prosperity are coming your way.


Six ~ Five

Good things are about to happing, watch for it.


Six ~ Four

Prosperity ahead but watch out for thieves. Might be legal matters.


Six ~ Three

Successful journey will fulfill all your expectations.


Six ~ Two

Good fortune with finances and or health.


Six ~ One

There may be a wedding, union, or joint venture with positive result.


Six ~ Blank

Beware of gossiping friends, keep your thoughts to your self for now.


Five  ~ Five

Changes are coming, be receptive to it. It will be a beneficial outcome.


Five  ~ Four

Money domino, Financial gain.


Five  ~ Three

Calm, contentment and, financial prosperity. A friend may give you good advice, and assistance.


Five ~ Two

Birth domino, news of child, enjoyable social phase, or new enterprise.


Five  ~ One

Happy times parties and social events. Possible new love affair, but take it slow.


Five  ~ Blank

Caution in financial matters, and love affairs. Friend might need consoling.


Four ~ Four

Happiness, fun, and wellbeing. Go with the flow.


Four  ~  Three

Hope domino, life will start to improve, be positive.


Four ~ Two

Changes will bring improvement in your life. Beware of a untrustworthy, or flirtatious person.


Four ~ One

Take care of your finances, save your money now, to avoid problems later.


Four ~ Blank

Caution, relationship problems, don't divulge any secrets. Think twice before you speak.


Three ~ Three

Good fortunes on the way, but jealousy, might cause relationship problems, but only for a short term.


Three ~ Two

Love life prospers. Don't take chances with money. Travel will be enjoyable.


Three ~ One

Good news or a surprise coming your way. Watch out for gossipers. This domino also means No.


Three ~ Blank

Arguments and disputes from partners, come with no warning, past issues are revealed.


Two ~ Two

 Personal happiness, and success.


Two ~ One

Possible loss in financial matters through association. But good friendship might bring benefits through loss.


Two ~ Blank

Through hardships, you might gain, a new friendship, Travel and success. Watch out for false advice.


One ~ One

Happiness and harmony in every part of your life. Trust in your self ,to make the right decisions.


One ~ Blank

Beware of trusting strangers. All is not what it seems.


Blank ~ Blank

Difficult outcomes arising. Challenges must be overcome.