Magick 7


Candle Divination



Candle Flame Divination

Light a candle, and switch off all the lights in the room. Sit with the candle, close your eyes and clear your mind, then open your eyes and study the flame.

A rising flame: You are the flame in someoneís heart.

A long narrow flame: A new lover will arrive for you.

A flame flickering from side to side: Predicts a long journey involving love.

A very bright flame: Love is about to brighten your life with a happy surprise.

A luminous glow at the tip of the wick: Someone is thinking lovingly about you.

Sparks: Sparks will fly around a love match.

A falling flame: Someone who is giving mixed signals is undecided.

A sputtering flame: The course of true love will not run smoothly.

A flame that dies before the candle has burned through: Enlightened end of a bond, but not particularly your love of your life. It brings light on anotherís deceit, and warns of a shocking discovery. One you trusted may accidentally reveal secrecy and deception, but you will forgive this indiscretion.