Magick 7


Astragalomancy Two Dice    



Divination by throwing dice or dominoes, or other objects with sides to determine the future.

To begin, you will need to draw a circle eleven or twelve inches in diameter on a piece of plain paper as shown in diagram below. To predict the answer to a question you have in mind, silently concentrate on your question, or ask it aloud, while shaking a pair of dice in your hand. Toss the dice into the circle. Add the number of spots facing up on both dice and refer to the table of answers. If only one die

 lands inside the circle, the table of answers will still apply. Here is what dice outside and inside the circle mean to the thrower. Dicers say that what is predicted will begin to come true within nine days of casting the dice.

Any dice that fall outside the circle are discarded.

If all the dice would fall outside the circle, than throw the dice one more time.

If all the dice would fall outside the circle again ,than no fortune can be read on that day.

  1. Yes
  2. No
  3. A pleasant surprise will unfold, if you listen and watch carefully.
  4. Luck will fall upon you, when you least expect it.
  5. You wish may come true.
  6. Your answer will be revealed.
  7. Naturally you will win.
  8. You know the truth.
  9. Maybe in a twist of fate.
  10. Success will be yours.
  11. Fate is on your side.
  12. You will enjoy tranquility.