Magick 7


Cleromancy Three Dice



12. Enemies
11. Friends
10. Career
9. Your Thoughts
8. Justice
7. Relationships
6. Heath
5. A the Moment
4. Home Life
3. Travel
2. Money
1. Coming Year

Divination with three dice.


Dice representing the planets would be thrown onto an astrological diagram of the houses.


The result is read as the part that luck would play in the different areas of a persons life.


To begin draw a circle 12" in diameter as show on diagram, Above. 


To predict the answer to a question you have in mind, silently concentrate on your question, while shaking three dice in your hand and then toss.


Any dice that fall outside the circle are discarded.


If all the dice would fall outside the circle, than throw the dice one more time.


If all the dice would fall outside the circle again ,than you already no the answer.


The Dice as a Total amount

3. Favorable  developments will arrive.

4. Bad luck misfortune.

5. A wish may come true.

6. Monetary loss.

7. Good fortunes coming your way.

8. Caution by outsider influences.

9. Love and romance are favorable.

10. New beginnings, birth, idea or concept.

11. Misfortune in relationship.

12. Good news.

13. Distress and grief.

14. A new friend will help you.

15. Beware of temptations, beware.

16. A journey with good results.

17. Change of plans, good for business.

18. All good things are coming your way.

The Dice meanings of individual numbers, for each division.

  1. Favorable, but be on the alert

  2. Work on your relationship

  3. Good fortunes

  4. Bad luck

  5. Good things on there way

  6. Uncertain paths