Magick 7


Die Divination



One Die Divination

Reinforcing your own judgment through a die toss.

One: Stay just the way you are. When you are prepared to go at it alone, the future will ultimately bring an addition to your benefit.

Two: Your destiny is to meet someone special.

Three: Either your lover or you believes that you are each other’s “one and only.”

Four: Your doubts are stronger than your beliefs in your lovers promises or actions. You will make the right decision.

Five: If there are three people involved in a situation, walk away, and wait. If your love is true, your lover will come back and be with you, if not, the road is clear for your new path ahead.

Six: Your relationship wish comes true.

Dice Divination

Write down your lovers name on a piece of paper, a photograph can also be used. One or more dice can be cast upon the paper, or photograph, to divine a yes or no answer. An odd number means yes, a even number means no.