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Jade: has been called "colic stone", "spleen stone" and "stone of the loins". It is said that by tying jade to the arm, stones in the kidneys can be expelled. The ancient Greeks used this mineral for healing ailments of the eyes. Wearing Jade helps the body to heal itself while working on the underlying, nonphysical problems which cause the disease in the first place.

Jade is a stone of much history, it has been a part of oriental philosophy for centuries. Within Japan and China, it is considered to be the most precious of all stones. There are five values credited to Jade, these are: clarity, modesty, courage, justice and wisdom. Jade does come in many colors, among them are dark green, apple green, black, lavender, orangy-brown and sometimes a whitish color. Black Jade which we are speaking of in this article is a wonderful stone for protection, as well bringing one a feeling of tranquility even in the most of difficult times. By holding a jade stone in your hand, you may experience a feeling of serenity, for others black jade brings out wisdom which is hidden in each of us.

Jade is a wonderful stone in all areas and an important one for your healing kit.

Jarosite: Jarosite brings dark or incomprehensible thuoghts and ideas into sharp focus. Use this stone ehen contemplating both the shadow and light sides of your personality.
Jasper: is stabilizing. It will help to reduce insecurity, fear and guilt. Strengthens liver, gallbladder, bladder. Powerful healer; main impact on physical body.
Jasper Leopardskin: Bring what one needs. Note that it doesn't necessarily bring in what you want. However, it is a wonderfully supporting stone.

Jasper Poppy: Gain a positive outlook.

Jasper Ocean:

Jet: Jet is one of those stones that is not used for healing work as much as it should be. Jet is a very black organic mineral which is highly protective. It was used in times of antiquity for not only protection against the evil eye, but also in times of mourning. You see Jet quite often in antique jewelry. It is good for protection against others negativity.

Jet tends to filter out germs and aid, headaches, toothache, stomach diseases, goiter, dropsy, hysteria and hallucinations caused by fever. Jet is used in women's complaints. Jet helps during labour and, when powdered and mixed with bees wax, are applied to tumors.


Kidney stone: colic.

Kunzite: Very high spiritual love vibration. Heart opener - it awakens the highest heart consciousness. It will connect one to their own infinite source of love. Aligns the crown and heart chakras. Symbolizes a pure expression of joy in thoughts and feelings. A good stone to be worn by star children or walk-ins to help them adjust to earth plane environments and energy.

Brings peace, love, and compassion into the heart. Opens the heart to trust, aids in security and fear brought on by others. More importantly, Kunzite is seen as a stone of 'balance', it works to create a balance between the physical and emotional bodies. Some feel that this stone will help one to be more disciplined, encouraging one to follow through with their task to the completion. For those who are erratic in their thinking, use Kunzite to allow you to focus on your task at hand. Kunzite works well with other stones, especially its sister, Hiddenite. Kunzite also has a fair amount of lithium in its chemical composition, lithium has been proven to relieve depression. Kunzite may not cure depression, but it does help to bring it under control so one can manage it. Physically, Kunzite is thought to stimulate poor circulation. This is a good choice for those who have sore shoulders and muscles, Kunzite releases tension throughout the system.



Kyanite: The best crystal to use for past life regression. Other lifetimes may hold the key to healing issues and problems in this life. It works to peel away the layers to find ones individual soul blueprint where we may discover what our expression is in this lifetime. By going back to the time when the drama occurred, we can face it, release it and heal. Many people get too caught up in the glamour of another life and do not focus on their present life! What an easy way to avoid the issue at hand!

In a crystal layout Kyanite may be place on the 3rd chakra the solar plexus (assimilation/integration center) to assure connection of consciousness on your journey. I for one am not a big fan of delving into past lives, but it may be necessary for some to discover why they are acting the way they do in this lifetime and then to change the behavior to be more positive and productive. Use Kyanite for alignment of all the chakras, which it does automatically and with conscious direction will align the subtle bodies as well, i.e. emotional, physical, spiritual, astral, intellectual.

Strengthens throat chakra. Enhances creative expression, communication, truth, loyalty, reliability, serenity. Connection to causal plane. Facilitates astral/interdimensional travel.

Lead: Divination, protection, defensive magic. Lead has long been used in magic. In ancient Greek times tablets of this metal were ritually charged and inscribed with "words of power'. These tablets were generally used in negative spells because the lead ensured the spell's long continuance.

Labradorite: Gem healers claim it elevates the wearer's consciousness and connection with the energies of the universe. Labradorite is used for is courage, clarity, and co-dependency to name a few. Some like to use this stone to heal mental confusion and indecision, it allows one to make decisions easily. This stone is also about transformation on all levels, it allows for easy changes to take place, especially good for those who fear change. It also allows for us to understand ourselves on a deeper level, lets us know who we really are in a bold and distinct way. Labradorite allows clarity to come into our lives, not only when we need it, but at all times of our lives. It is a solar plexus stone. Labradorite builds and strengthens the immune system. This is a very important stone to have in your healing kit.

Lapis Lazuli: This stone is used at the Ajina, the Brow Chakra. It's related gland is the pituitary. The pituitary gland is also referred to as the "master gland" because it regulates all of the others. This location is also the center for the eyes, ears, nose and brain. 6th chakra (third eye) Changes negative views of reality to positive views. Cleanses the mental body while releasing old karmic patterns. Lapis facilitates deep meditation and can be used to journey back into past lives. Lapis Lazuli is a very spiritual stone, which can also be used in ceremonies. It allows this spiritual energy to be absorbed into your aura.
Larimar: Opens creativity in the throat area, helps soul mates to find one another while healing negative karma between soul mates and lovers. Allows for open communication between soul mates. Brings tranquility of water/sea and air to heart and mind. Soothes and uplifts hurt, fear, depression, pain of life, changes with love. Self-expression, patience, acceptingness, simplicity, creativity, artwork. With red spots: helps gentle people be assertive. Cools, draws out inflammation, fevers, sunburn heat. Especially helps the creativity and throat CTR. (shoulder, thyroid, nose). Pleasantly uplifts the heart and eases stress.
Leiteite Lava: Protection
Lepidolite: is also know as the "Dream Stone". It will protect the individual from nightmares, especially those caused by stress or an upset in personal relationships. It can be used in the same types of circumstances as Kunzite, namely for manic depression or schizophrenia. Connects heart and crown to bring spiritual understanding to why we suffer. Allows us to understand our place in life and the Universal plan. Brings acceptance, calm and trust in life. For many, this stone heals fear at its source in this or past lifetimes. It will help you to contact spirit guides, angels, and other entities you wish to converse with. It is an awesome stone to help one discover the spirit in everyday life.

Libyan Glass: Increase sales and profits in your business. Creates good luck, aids learning, especially spiritual pursuits. Learn your duties in this life time and 'know' what you should do now. Excellent for bringing people together, increases new ideas and meeting of the minds. Use to balance the nervous system, treatment of tumors and growths. Activates the Thymus and builds the immune system.

Lodestone: Power, healing, attraction, freadship, love, fidelity, will, protection, business, money.

Luvulite or Sugilite: Helps one connect with their own inner light. Helps cancer patients release the old angers, resentments, fears, guilts, frustrations, sorrows, or insecurities that manifested the disease.

Malachite: If the malachite is of the blue-green variety, it can be associated with the Sacral Center, or Splenic Chakra (Svadisthana). Here, it's energy branches to the left, to the spleen. (It is intended in this position for those who are celibate.) In addition, if it is grass-green, it can be used at the Lumbar/Solar Plexus Center. "When the malachite is placed at the solar plexus and a piece of green jade is placed at the heart center and a double-terminated quartz crystal is placed between them, people may remember events that have been blocked for years. They may cry or scream. As these buried emotions are brought to the surface and released, a great weight is lifted and they soon feel renewed."

The name Malachite is from the Greek word "malache" (mallow) in reference to the green leaf color.

Historically, Malachite was considered a valuable talisman for children. It was thought to protect the wearer from falls and warned them of impending danger by breaking into several pieces!




Manganocalcite: This stone gives us the 'motherly love' that we may be missing, fills in this space. Being a heart based stone it allows you to love yourself and others, it has a gentle and calming nature. Soft pink with white bands. We could say that this stone allows us to 'band' together, does this through gentleness and understanding. Balances the hormones and lessons anxiety. Use in love rituals and rights of passage.

Marble: Protection, success
Marcasite: Although marcasite crystals are in the process of dissolution, the existing polished speciments retain strong Earth energy and the power to calm the mind and instill emotioal stability.
Mercury: Mercury is dangerous to breathe, ingest or even to touch for prolonged periods of time. Its magical uses are therefore limited and, perhaps, needlessly riskey.
Meteorite (Gold Basin): Protection, astral projection. Helps reveal past lives from other planets and galaxies. Enhances connection with extraterrestrial energies. Expands awareness. Similar to obsidian, but denser.
Mica: Divination, protection.

Moldavite: Moldavite is the product of a meteor collision with Earth nearly 15 million years ago. It fell over what is now called the Moldau River Valley in Czechoslovakia. These green Gems are among the most rare minerals on earth. They have been prized by humans for thousands of years and are still given as gifts from royalty to royalty. In legend, it is believed Moldavite was the green stone in the Holy Grail and has the power to quicken ones spiritual evolution.

Even people not sensitive to the energies of stones, often feel the energy of Moldavite. many sense it as heat, tingling or pulsing sensation in their hand. Others feel a rush of energy through their body, usually upwards out the top of their head. Moldavite's high vibrational energy is a powerful chakra opener, particularly at the heart and above. Sleeping with Moldavite activates the dream state. Wearing it helps manifest positive life changes. One of the main functions of Moldavite is that it helps people acclimatize to an earth plane environment. Some say its for Star Children who can't cope real well with being here on earth, others simply say it works for people who don't really feel part of this world. Whichever and however you explain it, the result is much the same. Moldavite provides a level of compassion and comprehension for people who are struggling to adjust to a world with such strong polarities -human suffering, emotionalism and all the material realities which are just part of the physical plane. Moldavite is that its best to use with other stones which can help ground its energies.

Moonstone: This phenomenal gemstone is the precious stone of India. The name Moonstone comes from the mysterious sheen which is similar to 'moonlight'. The most common colors of this gemstone are cream, pearly gray, white, peach and colorless.

Moonstone Grey : Helps one accept other stone's powers by cleansing blocks. This can be hard to wear. Moonstone Orange: Helps one accept other stone's help by comforting you. This is less powerful than white - but helpful when one really needs a certain stone.

Moonstone Rainbow: it displays all of the colors of the rainbow in one stone!! Moonstone is a meditation stone which stimulates, knowing, understanding and appreciation. It also brings to us self awareness and allows us to grow while learning balance. This 'Gemstone of the Moon' is a popular choice for women. It helps to balance the menstrual and hormonal cycles, while melting away the anxiety and stress that may occur at this time of the month. Use Moonstone for problem solving and decision making. Simply hold it in your left hand or place it under your pillow for guidance to life's questions.

Moonstone White: Helps one accept other stone's help through highlighting the others effects. I like this moonstone the most. When worn by itself is balances yin/yang.

Moqui, Mochi Marbles: Moqui Marbles/Balls pronounced (Mo-Key) are essentially Ironstone and are found at the base of Navajo Sandstone formations. They are found in sizes from small marbles to baseball sizes. Moqui Marbles have been used for centuries by the shamanic tribes of the continents. Although newly discovered in the United States, Moqui's have been found on several continents in the ancient archaeological excavations. They are recommended to the user of both the ancient ways and the future ways. Mochi Marbles can be used to align the energy centers, to relieve energy blockages, to stimulate CHI, to ground and center, and to provide protection. Grinding with two Mochi Marbles promotes receptivity to frequencies, which are usually inaudible. The journey with the Mochi Marbles allow one to live to the fullest, while understanding the sanctity of, and performing healing for the earth.

Newberyite: This stone is to strengthen the heart muscle, improve the circulation, and to relieve pressure on the spine resulting from a back injury.

Obsidian: Is a good stone for those who are soft-hearted and gentle. It will help to guard them against abuse. This stone cleanses toxins from the liver, so it is also good for people who are exposed to environmental pollutants.

Obsidian Rainbow: Shows the presence of light within darkness. Purpose is to show mankind and womankind that within darkness of despair and depression, there is a light of hope and healing. Within the darkness every color of the rainbow is vibrating with a purpose. More likely to be love, the black color may be a veil or an illusion; we must go to a deeper level to discover the light. Obsidian reflects our true-selves, the good and the bad. Helps us to understand the dark side of ourselves so we can walk into the light. A circle of color in rainbow obsidian /compared to rings:

Oligoclase: Oligoclase is a great stone to choose if you are dealing with issues of trust; it assists one in learning trust. Helpful in releasing internal anger which causes energy blocks. Oligoclase stimulates awareness and self-awareness, it neutralizes negativity through this awareness. Some like to use this stone for a journey of discovery into the inner self. Oligoclase also allows one stability and focus to see the highest perspective or vision, the creative intelligence and wisdom, without loosing sight of the detail or what needed to happen to achieve it.

Olivine: Money, protection, love, luck.
Onyx: Relieves stress. Balances male/female polarities. Strengthens bone marrow. Aids detatchment. Enhances emotional balance and self-control. Higher inspiration. Works with chakras and attitudes according to color of stone.
Onyx Black: Helps one to change bad habits. This is great when used in a necklace. It is a great grounding stone. Black onyx is almost always dyed.
Onyx Mexican: Helps one sleep better.
Opal: Is used more frequently for healing the spirit, rather than the physical body.
Opal Black: Back opal is an exceptionally lucky stone.

Opal Boulder: Boulder Opal is said to do many things for us on the metaphysical level. It is said to assist us in communication of all forms; verbal, ESP, etc. Some like to use this stone to communicate with their guides, angels, animal guides, devas, and entities of unknown origin. Boulder Opal is also a good choice for clearing blocked chakras, and for strengthening and adding light into the aura. It produces stability, especially good for those who have a problem staying in one place! Boulder Opal is also a very spiritual stone, it has long been used by native people in ceremonies and rights of passage.

Opal Peru: This lovely greenish-blue Opal is great for stimulating thoughts and communication skills. Use on the fifth chakra to voice your opinions in a clear fashion. It is about freedom of speech! Some like to use this opal to connect with others. I feel it to be a very creative stone, especially for writers and those who need to get their thoughts down on paper. Some say this stone balances metabolism and helps those with fatigue.

Opal Fire: Fire Opals are thought to be very magical because of the distinct patterns of color which seem to move while viewing. The color play include: green, blue, yellow, red, and purple. The energy of the fire opal allow us to look deeply within to understand ourselves in a better way. A great choice if you are looking for your purpose in life. Some find the fire opal to be energizing, giving strength and endurance in stressful times. Other people like to meditate with fire opal, it is very easy to get into this meditative state by simply gazing at the incredible colors of this opal.

Opal White: White opal is a powerful supersensory receiver of lunar energies. It is also an excellent medicinal stone for the treatment of skin inflammations such as boils, pimples, rashes and for general elimination of toxins from the body.