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Calcite Emerald: 4th chakra, heart. 4th chakra (heart) This is a brand new calcite on the market called Emerald calcite for its lovely green color. This is a very deep healing heart chakra stone. It is recommend it for healing those deepest issues of the heart such as love of self and others. Cleansing of old stagnant and blocked energy. Breaking old relationship habits and patterns. Emerald Calcite allows you to surrender or to let go of those love issues which have stopped you from finding your true love or soul mate. Surrender to the Universe the ‘need’ to be in a relationship. Give yourself the gift of clearing out the old energy that you are projecting. If you project the energy of neediness or being a victim, you will only attract those who are not good for you. Use the Emerald Calcite to help you project an image of love and self-respect for yourself. This will allow your true energy to show and only then will you be able to mirror your soul mate. Emerald Calcite will show your heart the way, the way to a happy and healthy relationship. There is someone for each of us, we just need to heal our own heart first. To use this calcite hold it over your heart chakra and say this affirmation out loud. " I am in love with the Universe, Myself and with life".

Calcite Golden Chevron: 3rd chakra. Energetically speaking these stones are emotional as well as mental. Of course the basic properties of Golden Calcite are associated with self-esteem and worth. These Golden Chevron Calcite crystals bring out creativity, stimulates wisdom and aids manifesting. Connects the lower with the higher mental bodies. Protects and strengthens the aura. Allows our wisdom to shine through

Calcite Rhomboidal Green: Green Rhomboidal Calcite is used when consciously reconstructing your reality – creating a new way of being you. The green variety helps the mind release old fears while in the process of consciously constructing new beliefs. It bridges the gap between the stage of letting go of one reality and taking hold of a new chosen way of being.

Calcite Rhomboidal Pink: Pink Rhomboidal Calcite This crystal aids in bridging the gap between the love we have for ourselves and the spontaneous expression of that into the world. It will assist in dissolving the emotional patterns or views of love and establishing a new sense of unconditional love – the new way of loving.

Calcite Stellar Ice: Stellar Ice is a very special form of Calcite which fluoresces in UV light and can be seen in two differing colors; magenta and pink. Magenta symbolizes the divine love that we feel in every part of our being. Pink symbolizes unconditional love or love without attachment. Stellar Ice will allow you the capacity to change and be changed through the art of being. When we can simply 'be' we gain a sense of true knowing. The knowing of who we truly are, the knowing of our purpose and the knowing that we are loved. The Stellar Ice Calcite has a formation of 5 triangular faces which bring with it all of the aspects of the trinity. These include the lower, upper and transpersonal chakras; conscious, subconscious and super conscious; as well as the body, heart and mind.


Carrolite: Color, Metalic silver


Carnelian: Among the New Age community, believers revere Carnelian’s mental grounding power and believe this is the source of its greatest mental effects. They say it teaches one to focus on the present for the moments in life when all one’s mental powers are necessary for success at a single, important task and is a source of confidence, eloquence and inspiration. For instances when you need a boost to creativity for problem-solving, Carnelian can assist in getting the mind out of mental ruts and back on track for success. In the long-term, it bolsters ambition and drive and reminds the wearer of the future’s goals, hence becoming a powerful tool in major decision-making. Overall, many hold Carnelian dear as a stone with the ability to protect the individual, bolster confidence and generally enhance and expand the experiences of life.

Because of its connection to the 2nd Chakra, New Age healers believe Carnelian to be instrumental in maintaining health in the lower abdomen. They use it to treat impotence, menstrual cramps, infertility associated with this region. However, they have also turned to its power for healing neuralgia, rheumatism, asthma, skin and blood conditions and insomnia. It is considered so effective in healing dermatological ailments such as acne and psoriasis, that some even recommend Carnelian for the treatment of skin disorders of pets.

Cassiterite: This is a metallic gray to black mineral/crystal. 1st chakra. Cassiterite is a stone for personal protection. Being metallic, Cassiterite acts somewhat like Hematite, shielding and protecting one from negative energy. It basically reflects back negativity to the sender. Being Cassiterite is dark, shiny and black, it is used as a grounding stone when one feels flighty or out of sink with the energy of the Earth. Use this stone to get your energy back into balance, a good idea is to take your Cassiterite out into nature with you and allow it to bond with the gentleness of the Earth and to you. Cassiterite is also used to dispel energy relating to disapproval, it encourages optimism. Useful in fields relating to mathematics and astrology.



Cat's eye: piles, some eye problems and cough. A cat's eye money spell : Take a bill of the highest denomination you have. Rub it completely with the cat's eye, then tightly wrap the bill around the stone. Tie the bill firmly to it with green thread and carry in your pocket to increase your money. Don't spend the bill until the spell has worked.

Celestine: Color, Usually blue but can also be colorless or yellow.

Celestite advances channeling; brings about information/light, core soul healing, spiritual and karmic growth. It is about raising our consciousness to the spiritual dimensions of ourselves and allowing that to be the focus and the energy behind our expression. Each of us has a 'light of soul' in our consciousness, Celestite allows us to acknowledge this and to be the conscious individual that we truly are. Of course, this stone is also about expression and communication whether it be communication with the angels, devas or spirit guides, Celestite will aid your communication skills. Celestite stone, evokes peace and the ability to flow with life. Many of us do not like the idea of sitting still, maybe it is the fear of thoughts that come upon us which we do not want to think about. We all need to take time out in our hectic lives to learn to be. No matter how scary this is to you, it is very helpful to enhance our healing state. We all need to take time out each day to experience the beingness in each of us.

Enhances thyroid functions. Reduces stress. Relaxing, peace of mind. Accelerates growth. Aids personal creative expression. Helps one adjust to higher, more rarefied states of awareness. Truth, reliability. Clear speech.

Cerussite: Color, Generally colorless or with light shades of yellow or gray.

Chaiastolite: is also called the cross stone for it displays and interesting cross when the crystal is cut in cross sections. It is actually a variety of Andulsite which is usually seen as small gem crystals. Chaiastolite is thought to be a stone of protection and it is very helpful in times of transition.

Chalcedony Blue: This is a lovely stone from South Africa. The deep blue saturation of Blue Chalcedony reminds me of the calming effect of the ocean. To gaze into its depth is like looking into a bright pool of water. This stone is very calming and ads the element of peace and goodwill to everyone. It is also good to use Blue Chalcedony when I have a public speaking engagement; it allows me to speak with authority and truth. If you are not sure what exactly your truth is, then allow the energetic qualities of this stone speak to you.

Chalcedony Pink: Works to heal all issues of the heart; emotional healing. Allows one to be open to the loving energies of the Universe and others. Good choice for those who have been abused as children, pink limb cast is very nurturing. It is an important stone to heal the inner child, it allows one the security needed to explore feelings on a deeper level; let go of past hurt and turmoil now! Pink Chalcedony is said to strengthen the arms and legs and to promote flexibility throughout the system.

Chalcopyrite: Color, Brass yellow (often with a green tint), honey yellow (often tarnished)

Charlesite:Color, Bright yellow, also colorless and white.

Chrysoberyl: Color, Yellow, orange-yellow, yellow-green, green, bluish green and brown. The variety alexanderite becomes reddish in artificial light.

Chrysocolla: Chrysocolla is a very beautiful bluish green stone. It is thought to heal issues of the emotional body. It is very feminine in nature, meaning it allows us to explore our feminine side and to rejoice in who we are as women.Chrysoclla has a special bond to not only us, but also the energies of the Earth. When men are drawn to Chrysocolla it means they are either ready to learn to appreciate this feminine energy or they are ready to make a connection with the Earth. You will see Chrysocolla in Native American Jewelry for the Natives use this stone in their sacred earth-based religion.

Aids in preventing ulcers, digestive problems, arthritic conditions. Strengthens lungs and thyroid gland. Enhances metabolism. Excellent for female disorders. Alleviates fears, guilt, tension. Helps clear subconscious imbalances. Activates feminine qualities.

Chrysoprase: Chrysoprase activates, opens, and energizes the heart chakra. Meditating with or wearing Chrysoprase can facilitate a deep heart connection with the Mother Earth. Some like to use this stone to manifest abundance, or to bring courage to act on our convictions. Many people already have courage, but have a hard time recognizing it, Chrysoprase allows one to tap into their inner courage and to use it wisely. Many people drawn to this stone simply need the courage to be them selves. If we had one word to describe Chrysoprase, it would be courage!

Draws out unknown talents. Carry a small piece with you at all times to attract money. Works with emotional, personal insight. Enhances fertility for both sexes and can help guard against sexually transmitted diseases. Helps gout, mental illness, and eye problems.

Citrine: As mentioned above, healers consider Citrine a self-esteem stone with powers to heal the mind’s feelings of inadequacy and deem it essential for handling negative criticism. It is also good, according to believers, as an energizing stone against power issues of willpower, optimism, confidence and self-discipline. Secondary mental healing traits include its ability to awaken the mind, create clarity and increase knowledge of the self, as well as general relaxation and emotional healing powers and protections against overwhelming fear, depression, money worries and security. Further, because of Citrine’s ability to increase knowledge of the self, New Age healers recommend it in times of introspection, when making choices or when creative solutions are necessary.

As a stone healers esteem for its powers to cleans the body of toxins and regeneration of body tissues, Citrine is essential for maintaining the health of the digestive, circulatory and urinary system. They believe it eliminates toxins in the second and third chakras and has the power to assist in ailments where toxins can cause discomfort or disease, such as acid indigestion, poor blood circulation, food disorders and allergies.

Columbite: Color, Iron black to brownish black, reddish brown in thin splinters.

Copper: According to New Age healers, Copper can stimulate the flow of energy and hence move Psychic or Mental energies thereby helping the wearer overcome lethargic tendencies, resulting in a more vitalized person with amplified thoughts. They also attribute powers of communication, channeling, cleansing, purification, increasing self-esteem and freeing the wearer of mental burdens.

Beginning in the 1970s in the United States, Copper use as a healing agent began to see an increase. People who believe in its power esteem it as a very powerful assistant with Arthritic and Rheumatic diseases, but also look to it for its healing properties in improving the circulation of blood, increasing energy, detoxification, reducing inflammation, stabilizing metabolism and improving Oxygen use.




Coal: The common substance used to heat millions of homes, is considered by many to be an excellent mony-attractant and hence is carried in the pocket and placed with money.

Coral: healing properties are mostly associated with Women, young children and the elderly. For women it is said to increase fertility and regulate menstruation. For young children, it is recommended to ease teething and to prevent epilepsy. For the elderly, it is used as a cure for arthritis.

Corundum:Color, Blue-Saphire, Red-Ruby

Cuprite: A deep red metallic crystal from Russia. This crystal is used on the 1st chakra to promote energy throughout the entire chakra system. Being this crystal is metallic, it can be used to reflect our deepest thoughts out into the world. It allows us to see the true beauty that is hidden inside each of us.

Cuprite is used to discourage worry, especially those worries which we have little or no control over. It allows one to understand that worry is essentially a waste of energy. Being that Cuprite is highly metallic and dense, it has a strong connection to the Earth. It allows us to understand our deep connection with the Earth and what it means to be mortal. Some say that Cuprite can physically aid bladder and kidney disorders, helpful in the treatment of vertigo and is used to eliminate altitude sickness. Use it to stimulate and balance the menses.

Cuprosklodowskite: Color, Green, a dark to lime green

Danburite: Danburite's healing properties work well with the Vision and Heart Chakras. (for those of you not familiar with the Vision Chakras, they are located behind the eyes. The eyes can be used in healing as well as for visualization and manifesting our needs. The Vision Chakras are considered to be "minor centers" but are important for psychic healers.) Danburite is a bright, delightful crystal, which commonly occurs in colorless and light pink varieties. The pink variety works with the heart chakra to bring self-love to the user. The frequencies help to connect us more fully with ourselves.

Danburite also enhances creativity by helping your thoughts to flow easier. The colorless or (silver) variety increases psychic vision and promotes connection with angels and guides while opening visual awareness of other realms, planets, and dimensions. Danburite intensifies all other healing energies as well. It is often called the "stone of joy and celebration" encouraging people to get along with others.

Datolite: Color, White to pink

Diamond: Brings fierceness, strength and fortitude. Strengthens friendships and protects from evil, disease and plagues. Tuberculosis, dropsy, diabetes, anaemia and prolongs life.

Diamond Herkimer: Enhance and amplify inner vision and placed under the pillow will increase one’s awareness and recall of dreams. A powerful amplifier with similar qualities to clear quartz, it brings mental and bodily energies into harmony.

Herkimer diamonds‘harvest’ toxins from the body, and re-tunes the physical body by eliminating stress.

Diopside: This stone is used for the mental body. It encourages the intellect, helps one to grow academically, and encourages creativity, especially in pursuits of writing. This stone is good for those who are up and coming authors, it enables them to get their thoughts out on paper in a timely fashion. Some feel that Diopside is a good choice when learning mathematics or any other intellectual pursuits. Physically, this stone is used for psychological disorders. Note: A good choice if you need to calm your pet.

Dioptase: Strengthens cardiovascular and central nervous systems. Excellent aid for ulcers, nervous stomach, heart troubles, blood pressure. Vitalizes, balances, tones body/mind. Emotional stability. Peach of mind. Excellent for use with healing and affirmations. Abundance, prosperity, progress, health, well-being.

Dumortierite: This stone is said to promote a positive attitude in all life situations. It provides us with courage and trust in times of hardship and helps us to gain control and understanding in our own lives. Some like to use Dumortierite to ease panic and fear. Apparently it is being used to help addicts cope with their addiction by recognizing the patterns and helping to erase the negativity at a core level. Physically this stone helps with nausea, vomiting, cramping and diarrhea. A good choice to take with you when going on long sea trips.

Electrum: Electrum is a general term describing a mixture, or alloy, of metals. Gold, silver and platinum are often found, in some combination or other, in electrum used in magic.

Emerald: It is said to aid perception and inner clarity. Because of this, they are also associated with healing diseases of the eye, and problems affecting eyesight. It was believed that emeralds could counteract poisons and cure disentary. Has been used for diseases of the heart, urinary problems, asthma, jaundice and indigestion.

Epidote: Opens those who have refused their spiritual growth. Clears the emotional body aura. Cleanses old repressed emotions once and for all. Those drawn to this stone are being shaken into spiritual awakening. Epidote is becoming more popular, I feel that many are becoming more open to spiritual growth and what it means for them.

Epidote is crystal that will help us to face issues of self-image. Whether it is how we physically look to the world or our reactions to how we portray our image, Epidote will help us to realize whom we truly and then show our true selves to the world. I have heard that is also a good stone to promote patience and to ease restlessness. Some like to use Epidote to help them through times of difficulty, it dissolves sadness, sorrow, self-pity and grief. Physically, it is said to stimulate the immune system and supports all healing processes. Epidote can be used as a digestive aid, especially for those who have a hard time assimilating food intake.