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Trilliant Facet

Chocolate Bahianite, Brazil

Pear Shape Facet Chocolate Bahianite, Brazil    



Barite Golden: Barite is thought to have been extensively used by the Native Americans in their religious practices. Apparently, the Natives used it to shape shift as well as to go from the physical world to the spiritual. Some say that the Golden Barite is used to promote and stimulate the dream state, allowing one to remember their dreams. If you are into Dream Therapy, then this is a good stone for you. Physically, Barite is used to cleanse the system of toxins, to soothe a nervous stomach and to assist in the healing of addictions.

Barite Light Blue: Is used to stimulate conversation as well as to give the courage needed to speak in front of large crowds. Stonham, Colorado



Round Diamond Cut Orange Bastnaesite, Afghanistan

Trilliant Facet Orange Bastnaesite, Afghanistan

Oval Facet Orange Bastnaesite, Afghanistan




Beryl: This stone is related to the sea, beryl is worn while on the water fot protection against storms. this stone guards its wearer against drowning and also seasickness. It has also been used for relvieving liver ailments, swollen glands and diseases of the eyes.

Beryl Aquamarine (green-blue):

The deep oceanic shades of beryl aquamarine are best for transmutative purposes, and may ease us through the processes of death. This stone offers protection and courage. Pale blue or blue-green stones afford the wearer soothing calm.

Beryl Emerald (brilliant green):

Creative imagination, prosperity, protection, love and fertility are increased by beryl emerald.

Beryl Golden (bright yellow):

Stimulates the heart, clears the mind, and promotes genuine feelings of love and affection when worn in a ring on the third finger of the Sun or the fourth finger of Mercury on the receptive hand.

Beryl Goshenite (white and colorless):

Is a memory stone. White goshenite may be used to clear long-held emotional patterns lingering in the psyche; colorless goshenite assists in bringing the spirit of the cosmos to earth-plane consciousness.




Beryl Heliodor (yellow-brown):

Heliodor beryl may be used as an aid to concentration when working to manifest a specific goal.

Beryl Morganite (red-pink): Morganite beryl may help to resolve painful sexual issues regarding abuse and gender orientation.

Beryl (purple-red):

These stones accelerate self-forgiveness and self-love

Bloodstone: billious troubles. And is used today in conjunction with anything having to do with blood.


Boji Stones: Strengthening, heals holes in aura. Increases physical energy as it brings in more Life Force.

Boltwoodite:Color, Bright yellow. Yellow to pale yellowish, crystals transparent to translucent

Boracite: Fancy Facet White, Germany

Bornite: Color, Brown to black with a typical purplish-bluish tarnish, a reddish bronze color on freshly broken surfaces.

Burbankite: Pear Facet Orange Yellow, St. Hilaire, Canada

Bustamite: This is a good stone to have in your healing kit for it does many things. One of the most important reasons to use Bustamite is to eliminate energy blocks throughout the system. However, it is also used in ceremonies and initiations. Bustamite allows us to feel safe and secure in our environment, take to your place of work when you feel a need to get along with others. Some like to use this stone to aid meditation, it allows the security needed to venture further into the self. Bustamite helps to explore relationships and issues of the heart.

Brass: Healing, money, protection. Brass has long been used as a magical substitute for gold. While it doesn't possess all of gold's attributes, brass is used in money-attracting rituals.

Braunite:Color, Black

Brazilianite: Some say that this crystal works with the third eye and heart centers. It allows us to bring love and understanding of love/relationships to the next level. Understanding the wants and needs of each other in all relationships, understand why relationships need to grow and what we can do as individuals to improve them. This stone can be useful in understanding children, it gives the parents an idea of how and why the child needs nurturing, then gives us the momentum to do what is necessary to raise healthy children.

Brochantite: Color, Emerald green, black-green.

Brucite: Fancy Facet Emerald Green, Russia Buddstone    Bultfonteinite: Color, Commonly pink but also brown and white.

Bytownite: Color, Bright Golden Yellow