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Adamite: Typically green due to trace amounts copper and or uranium, yellow, rarely white and occasionally purple due to trace amount of cobalt. Yellow green to violet.



Yellow adamite crystals in limonite gossan matrix

Oval Facet Lemon Yellow Adamite, Sri Lanka




Aegerine: Color (Black to greenish black)

Will empower your quest of self. It facilitates our truth in important ways. It enables one to do what is in the heart, and the required steps-to be who we are! It is an excellent self-esteem builder-especially for women! The need for conformity is broken into a sense of self-acceptance. Personal integrity and convictions are made concrete, allowing self-sufficiency. Excellent stone for energy generation. It concentrates positive energy for dispersion to stimulate growth and revitalize the mind. Delineates emotional trouble spots. Guards against negative energy & psychic attack. It increases the energy of other stones in any healing situation. It augments the immune system.








Agate: fainting fits, liver ailments, bleeding and strengthens the heart. A. Promote grace, good health, happiness, intelligence, longevity. They are protection stones, stones for inheritances. They give strength, victory and attunement with the earth. They sharpen sight, illuminate minds and assist in discovery. They protect children from falling.Agate held in the mouth relieves thirst. It was once used to reduce fevers by applying it to the forehead.

Agate Banded: Strong protectors, reinforcing your strength and providing protection if you are very sensitive. Helps one who needs extra courage or energy to face stress.

Agate Black: Protective stone, wear for courage and successful competitions.

Pear Shape Carbochon

South America

Agate Black & White: Guards against physical dangers.

Agate Kentucy

Agate Fire

Agate Dendritic: One or the most powerful protective stones for travel, for it can prevent you from getting fatigued or having an accident when traveling down the highway.

Agate Botswana: Strengthens sexual energy. Eases the pain of loneliness. Helps with emotional understanding. Liberates mental feelings. Strengthens the immune system.

Agate Brown or Tawny:Once worn by warriors for victory in battle, the brown agate is today for success in any undertaking. It was prized in Italy and Persia as a guard against the evil eye. It's also a wealth talisman.

Agate Green: Worn to improve the heath of the eyes. In the past, a woman who drank the water a green agate ring was washed in was magically guared against sterility.

Agate Moss: Aura protector that neutralizes fears and opens the mind and Be-ing to new ideas. For meditation the clouds lead the mind into astral realms and expand consciousness. Eases emotional pain, aids creative visualization, increases trust and strength for earthly survival. Stimulates universal love. Connector to spirit guides, helps                           open communications with unseen entities. Helps you connect with nature spirits and the land.

Agate Plume: Encourages creative visualization, that is, to create an image of what you want and then achieve your goal. Aids you to keep focused.

Agate Red or Blood: This stone was worn in ancient Rome to guard against insect bites, to heal the blood, and to promote calm and peace.

Agate Blue Lace: Blue Lace Agate is a great choice for self-expression; it makes it much easier to express oneself. It is also a great choice if you do alot of public speaking, it helps one to speak their truth and makes it easier to convey your thoughts while speaking. Blue Lace agate clears the throat chakra and programs the etheric body for creative work. Physically, it eases a sore throat and takes away the hoarseness associated with your voice. This stone also works directly with the nervous system to alleviate physical tension, it is very calming and people who are agitated are drawn to its energy. I like to add Blue Lace Agate to every laying on of stones session, it helps to bring the client to a place where they feel comfortable, safe and relaxed. Physically, this stone is said to be a treatment of arthritis, skeletal conditions, and as an aid to digestion. You can use this stone as an elixir or on your body for optimum benefits.

Agate Mexican Lace: Bolsters and strengthens your attitude.

Agate White Lace: It can support optimism and elevate your thoughts.

Agate Pink Lace: Adds to your happiness by helping you to rescue your attitude.

Ajoite: Color (Blue green to light green)

The stone was first discovered in Ajo in Arizona and was named after this locality. It is associated with plancheite and papagoite. It often forms small tufts with the amazing ajoite color.




Alexandrite:Color (It appears red in indoor lighted places and green in normal daylight)

Aids internal and external regeneration, has positive influence on nervous system, spleen, pancreas. Helps to align mental and emotional body. Spiritual tranformation and regeneration. Reflects highest potentials of unfoldment. Joy, oneness with life.

Oval Facet Green to Purple Alexandrite, Africa

Emerald Green to Purple Alexandrite Cats Eye, Africa

Green to Purple Star Alexandrite, Africa

Green to Purple Alexandrite Crystal, Africa

Green to Purple

Alexandrite Crystal, Africa

Almandine:Color (Typically red but oftentimes brown)


Alum: Alum has been worn in Egypt as a protective amulet against evil. On the north coast of Africa, alum is also used for this purpose. A piece of alum is placed in the home to guard it, and small amounts of this mineral are sewn into or placed in children's hats to protect them as well.

Aluminum: Mental Abilities, travel, image magic.Small pieces of aluminum can be carried to stimulate mental abilites. Due to its modern associations with travel, aluminum is also utilized in spells involving trips to distant lands.

Amazonite:Color (Green or blue-green)

It inspires faith and hope. Balances the emotions. Helps align the heart and solar plexus chakras. Helps perfect personal expression and verbalizing.

Green Amazonite

Blue Green Amazonite


Green Amazonite


Oval Green Amazonite Brazil

Amazonite Pentangle


Octagon Colorless,

Amblygonite Brazil

Antique Cushion Fact Yellow Amblygonite Burma

Lemon Yellow Amblygonite Burma

Light Lemon

Amblygonite Burma

Pear Shape Facet Vibrant Light Lemon

Amblygonite Burma

Amber: wind, bile, phlegm and colic. In ancient times, amber was burned to cleanse the air, especially during childbirth. It was also thought to improve eyesight by gazing into it.



Amber Honey Yellow

Natural with Insect

Amber Lemon Orange

Natural with Insect

Amber Imperial Orange

Natural with Insect

Amber Rich Orange

Natural with Insect

Ametrine Faced Gems

Purple & Golden

Viberent Purple & Yellow

Fine Purple & Yellow

Amertrine Crystal

Fine Purple & Yellow

Amertrine Crystal

Purple & Yellow

Amethyst: Color (Purple violet to deep purple)

Amethyst as a healing stone contains sobering and calming qualities which allow this stone to be commonly associated with peace. Amethyst is known to calm and protect the mind. It soothes those who have engaged in constant rigorous mental activity. It has been deemed "nature's tranquilizer" by many healers because of it's effectiveness in relaxing not only the mind but also the nervous system. Those who wear amethyst jewelry and who have been recommended to wear this stone for healing purposes have done so because of its tranquil qualities and it's ability reduce negativity and alleviate anxiety.

Besides being a stone of tranquility and repose, amethyst is also known to enhance mental strength, stability, and vigor. It also is protective in averting the mind from psychic attacks and transforming negative energy in to that of positive and tranquil tenacity. It is also used to bring understanding of all that is transitional, especially death and rebirth. It can provide security and peace of mind (along with understanding) when a loved one is lost or reborn. It is said to also have a relieving effect on stress, grief, depression, emotional despair and ineffective communication.

Along with the many mental benefits of amethyst healing, there are also many physical afflictions for which the healing powers of amethyst are a remedy. As an elixir (solution as a medicinal substance) amethyst can be used to treat toothaches, skeletal discomforts, posture and other bone and joint-related sicknesses (like arthritis). In elixir form amethyst also cures problems within the stomach and digestive tract, the heart and hearing disorders. It has been known to treat various types of blood disease and balancing blood sugar. Amethyst as a healing stone or crystal is used to treat and heal problems involving the central nervous system. Amethyst is a treatment for both convulsions and neuralgia.











Fancy Facet Green Yellow





Baguette Facet Cognac

Anatase, Brasil

Triangle Facet

Blue and Yellow

Anatase, Brasil

Fancy Facet Conac with Rainbow Flashes

Anatase, Brasil

Pear Shape Facet

Blue and Yellow

Anatase, Brasil

Fancey Facet Green

Anatase, Brasil


Oval Facet

Olive Green with Red

Andalusite, Brazil

Pear Facet

Olive Green with Red

Andalusite, Brazil

Marquise Facet

Green with Red

Andalusite, Brazil

Octagon Facet

Olive Green with Red Andalusite, Brazil

Long Oval Facet

Olive Green with Red Andalusite, Brazil

Angelite: is a wonderful stone to promote a sense of calm, serenity and inner peace. Hold a Angelite stone when feeling stressed and overwhelmed, the soft vibration will allow you to immediately calm down. The soft light blue color reminds us that we need to teach each other to be peaceful, with peace comes understanding. Stabilizes the emotional body, allows one to speak out with authority in group settings. Dispels fears, anger, and allows one to forgive. Some like to use Angelite to aid connection with the higher self, deva’s and spirit guides. Some like to use this stone to aid expression, not only in group settings but in personal relationships as well. Convey your thoughts and emotions in an understandable and peaceful way. Others like to use Angelite to aid in astral travel, raising consciousness, and to stimulate psychic awareness. Angelite is also a great stone for spiritual journeys and astral travel, it allows us to experience the journey and then to express the feelings felt during travel. Sometimes we cannot express our feelings especially when it comes to various aspects of astral travel, Angelite allows you to take in the mental and emotional meaning of your travel.

Anglesite Faced Gems

Antique Facet Rare Yellow

Octagon Princess Cut Vibrant Light Yellow

Pear Shape Facet Fine Yellow

Anglesite Crystal

Prismatic Bright Lemon on Black Matrix

Anglesite Crystal

Bright Yellow Lemon on Black Matrix

Anhydrite: Anhydrite is to assist in breaking down old habit patterns by bringing secrets buried deep within the soal to light. This stone will also open the heart center by arousing sympathy for the human condition.

Ant Hill Crystals: Ant hill crystals expand and awaken the mind and soul through memory. These stones may be found at any ant hill; the bigger the ants the larger the crystals. North and South American shamans use ant hill crystals in their medicine bags and rattles in order to remain in contact with the spirits.

Antimony: Protection. Wear a small piece of antimony to guard against negative vibrations. This white metal can also be worn or carried for protection. This metallic mineral may be worn against the skin for vitality and improved circulation.

Apache Tear: provides psychic protection and grounding, carried as a good-luck charm.

Apatite: Apatite is a "mind over matter" stone. It helps to quiet emotional upset, especially during the more difficult phases of transformative deepening, such as divorce and death.


Enchanting Fancy Facet

Green Apatite

Oval Facet Blue Apatite

Apatite on Feldspar Pakistan

Apatite Tanzanian

Oval Facet Canary Yellow Apatite, Africa

Aphtitalite: Aphtitalite could be used to promote unity and harmony in the body, mind and soul, as this stone balances the flow of cosmic energy throughout the body-earth. Use aphtitalite when you are feeling down, to encourage felings of contentment and self-assurance.

Apophyllite: Color (Colorless,white, yellow to brown, reddish and even greenish.)

To regulate and strengthen the heartbeat. Used athletes, giving them stamina and strengthening the muscular structure. 7th chakra (crown) Aids in becoming spiritually aware, increases awareness in every day life, and fills aura bodies with light and joy.These are very nicely formed crystals with great clarity.

Asbestos: Surprisinly, asbestos is nothing more than a mass of flexible, perfect prismatic crystals, usually a variety of serpentine or grocidolite.

The irresponsible use of asbestos in manufacturing and housing has caused countless illnesses today. In the past, however, long before it was misused, asbestos was worn for protection against negative magic and the evil eye.

Aquamarine: In the past Aquamarine was used for protection of sea travelers, calming fears while at sea. It is a great stone to calm hostility and anger and encourages openness and love for friends. Use Aquamarine for diseases of the neck, head, and throat. Carry a crystal of Aquamarine with you in your left-hand pocket or wear it as a necklace over your heart for daily use. It may also be used for a laying-on-of stones- session on the throat chakra area.


Oval Facet

Santa Maria Blue Aquamarine

Octagon Cut

Santa Maria Blue Aquamarine

Oval Facet Bright Blue Silky Aquamarine, Afica

Gem Oval Cabochon Rich Blue Grey Cats Eye Aquamarine, Russa


Aquamarine Crystal, Russa

Autunite:Autunite crystal is to stimulate creative imagination as well as to bring the mind under conscious control and direction.


Color: Usually white or colorless or with soft shades of red yellow, brown or green

Aragonite Crystal

Marquise Facet  Yellow, Aragonite, Czech Republic

Octagon Princess Cut Light Yellow

Aragonite, Czech Republic

Antique Facet Fine White, Thedford Mines, Canada

Aragonite Crystal

Avalonite: 2nd and 4th chakras. Avalonite’s basic function is to deal with issues relating to fear of love. Fear and fear of love keeps us from finding our life path, Avalonite aids in healing this fear so you can discover your true path.. It does this by allowing you to trust your intuition through letting go of fear; fear of all love related issues, fear of being wrong, and/or fear of failure. Avalonite brings love and wisdom to help you discover your true self AND then you may start ‘living your truth’. Wisdom and clarity; being clear about who you are. Helps you to become conscious; or aware of areas in your life that need healing. Aids feelings of loneliness by making you realize that you are apart of the Universe, you are never alone. Aids in decision making. Wisdom, Joy and happiness. Love integrating to wisdom or emotional to mental.

Aventurine: According to believers in the power of stones and crystals, Aventurine’s strongest mental healing characteristic is its ability to ground an individual emotionally, thus allowing for thought that is free of fear, troubled emotions, indecisiveness, and anxiety. This clarity of mind and self confidence that result from wearing this powerful stone energize, inspire, motivate and enhance one’s ability to relate to others on an emotional level. It is a stone for leaders, for protectors and counselors; wear it when making critical decisions, when anxious or when feeling overwhelmed by life’s problems and it will amplify your ability to focus and find creative solutions.

Many believe Aventurine to be the best all around healing stone, because, along with the many mental benefits of Aventurine healing, there are also many physical healing powers that followers of Alternative Medicine attribute to the stone. While its primary physical healing function is to heal afflictions of the heart and lungs and adrenal system, healers also consider Aventurine helpful in the treatment of fevers, inflammation, nervous system stress and migraines, eye ailments, blood pressure abnormalities, hypertension and urogenital disorders.

Aventurine (Quartz)This stone is associated with the Thymus Gland. Improving eyesight, and healing diseases of the eyes.

Aventurine Green:It soothes, heals, and balances. It opens and soothes a wounded heart. Enhances intelligence. Increases opportunities and motivation. Brings luck and adventures in love and games. A Prosperity stone.

Aventurine Blue:opens and dissolves blocks in the brow center. Increases visionary powers and perceptions. Stimulates creativity and expression.

Aventurine Blue-Green: It soothes, heals, and balances. Connects the heart and throat centers helping one communicate in a more loving manner.

Aventurine Orange:Works with the second chakra, dissolving creative blocks and healing sexual trauma. Aids in independence and originality.

Axinite: Axinite is a rare and unusual crystal that is a deep brownish red color. It is a tabular crystal, very wedge-like in form. Not much has been written about this unique crystal and I am still in the process of working it out. However, what is known is that this crystal is a good choice when going through change and transformation. It allows you to gracefully make the change required for personal growth. It is a very positive crystal that brings out the positive in everyone who encounters it. Some say this stone aids friendships, bringing two people closer together than ever. Physically, Axinite treats disorders of the adrenal glands.

Fancy Facet Rich Amber Axinite, Sri Lanka

Octagon Cut Champagne with Orange

Axinite, Mexico

Ovel Facet Rich Orange Axinite, Mexico

Axinite Russia

Axinite & Datolite Russia

Azurite: 6th chakra (third eye) Helps one to connect with the spirit guides, aids healers, meditators, and psychics. Increases psychic ability. Dissolves energy blocks and negativity. Allow Azurite to give voice to your thoughts and feelings, it will allow you the ability to speak of your most deeply felt emotions. When place on your third eye, Azurite will help you to reach great depths of spirituality. Azurite is a very important stone for connecting with your higher self, god/goddess and angelic beings. Many like to use this stone to aid psychic travel and journeying. Physically, Azurite has been used for disorders of the spine, rib cage, and small bones. There has been some use for circulatory diseases as well. Being Azurite is a very ‘absorbing’ stone, it can also be used to clear toxins from the body. This can be environmental toxins as well as toxins from prescription medications. After using Azurite in a healing session, it is best to thoroughly cleanse the stone with sage or sweet grass smoke. DO NOT use water, Azurite is very sensitive and has a tendency to crumble in liquids. Color: Azure blue (deep blue)