Card Predictions   Magick 7


The Wish Spread




Decide your signifier card or if your reading for someone else, the best signifier card that suites them. Pull out the signifier card and leave it on the side. Shuffle the deck while thinking about your wish. When you are ready, lay down one card, starting on the left, then another beside it. Leave a gap for your signifier card. Lay out the last two cards, ending on the right. Place the signifier card face up in this gap. Now working systematically from left to right deal all the cards out onto the 5 piles. When all the cards are dealt, look in the third pile containing the signifier. If the Nine of Hearts is in this pile, mostly favorable your wish will come true. If  the Nine of Hearts is not in the signifier pile, look in the first pile. If the Nine of Hearts is there your wish will be granted after a short delay. If the Nine of Hearts is found in the second pile wish will be partially granted. If the Nine of Hearts is in the fourth pile, your wish is not likely coming true. If the Nine of Hearts is found in the fifth pile your wish may bring trouble, so rethink of what you wish for.