Magick 7


Special Card Combinations




Ace of hearts beside a heart: Indicates true love and affectionate friendship. A friend may become your lover, or introduce you to a future lover.

Ace of hearts between two hearts: A passionate love affair. The love affair you wish for comes true. Someone  new may try to steal your heart.

Ace of hearts between two diamonds: Money coming, maybe in forms of a windfall, or expensive gift.

Ace of hearts between spades:  Foreseen Quarrels. It may be between lovers or family members which bring great heartache.

Ten of hearts between spades: Ten or hearts cancels the negative cards on either side, and casts a optimistic glow on the reading. A problem you are having will be resolved, to your satisfaction.

Ace of spades beside king of clubs: Be in store for a  meeting  with a influential, good, important  businessman, who might offer you a reasonable paying job.

Ace of spades beside four of hearts: A conception of a baby, for a person close to you.

Two aces side by side: If the cards are red, a happy engagement or marriage, for you or someone close to you. Two black aces, loss of money, and a friendship.

Four aces: You will have great happiness and great sorrow, success and failure. But you will acquire the happiness and success back, and gain a deep understanding. Your life will become exciting, adventurous and even unusual.

Ace of diamonds beside eight of clubs: Expect a expensive gift or a business proposal.

Ten of diamond between two hearts: Look forward to a prosperous marriage for you or someone close to you.

Two of clubs beside two of diamonds: Wonderful news coming, which will grant a heartfelt wish.

Two sevens: A enjoyable time.

Three sevens: A birth.

Four sevens: Be cautious of who you trust.

Two eights: A short journey.

Three eights: Problems at home.

Four eights: A tricky state of affairs.

Two nines: Moderate gains.

Three nines: Success obtainable.

Four nines: A wonderful surprise on the way.

Two tens: Huge changes coming.

Three tens: Opposition powerful.

Four tens: Outcome very successful.

Two jacks: Dishonest person around you.

Three jacks: Too many chefs spoil the food.

Four jacks: Disputes and quarrels.

Two queens: A wonderful friend.

Three queens: A sociable and lively time.

Four queens: Women cause gossiping  and possible scandal.

Two kings: A business partner or friend.

Three kings: Business accomplishments successful

Four kings: Extreme changes.