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Cards That Foretell Loves Destiny




Cards to Foretell Loves Destiny

Remove all 12 heart suit cards. Place the Queen of hearts in the centre if the table. Take the King and Jack from the diamonds, clubs and spades suits. Shuffle these with the heart suit. Place the 17 cards in a circle around the Queen of hearts. Place a bottle on the queen of hearts on itís side. Close your eyes and spin the bottle. When the bottle stops spinning see where the mouth of the bottle faces. This is the person who loves you. If it is a jack or King of hearts or diamonds, this suitor is a fair haired and fair complexioned person. Jack or King of clubs or spades this suitor is dark haired and dark complexioned. If a numbered card was picked, this corresponds to the time it will take before you meet this suitor, it could be the time of day, or days, weeks or even months before this rendezvous. Close you eyes and spin the bottle again. If the mouth of the bottle points to a number instead of a court card it signifies a delay. The second spin adds detail to the first spin. The first intuitive thought in your mind with each spin is a divine thought. Build on the first pick card and with each spin afterwards. Spin the bottle until you are satisfied in your mind with whom and when you will date.