Card Predictions   Magick 7


Is my lover faithful?




Choose a court card (face card) or signifier to represent your lover. Shuffle the deck, then cut it into 3 piles from left to right. Turn the cards face up in the first pile and fan them. If the card that represents your lover is in the first pile, read the card to the right and left of  your lovers court card, to reveal the answer. It is likely that your lover is faithful, if the court card is in the first fan. Look in the second and third pile if your lovers court card is not in the first pile. If your lovers card is in the second pile, the cards are indicating that he or she flirts with someone. Read the two cards to the right of your lovers court card and the left of the court card. If two or more of the cards are red, nothing serious will develop between them. If you have to fan the third pile, for your lovers court card, your lover is likely to be unfaithful To gain insight into who your lover is seeing or will be seeing, read the three cards either side of their court card..