Cartomancy   Magick 7






Playing cards, earliest cards were called naibe, which in Arabic means "to foretell". Their primary purpose was for divination. The history of and meanings playing cards are unique. There are 52 weeks in the year, there are 52 cards. There are four suits, symbolic of perhaps of the four seasons of the year, (spring, summer, fall, and winter), the four divisions of the day ( morning, afternoon, evening, and night), or the four elements (earth, wind, fire, and water). The four suits also harmonize with the stages of life: Diamonds signify youth; clubs, adulthood; hearts, maturity; spades, old age. Also significant: There are thirteen cards in each suit, and thirteen lunar months in the year, as well as thirteen weeks in each quarter of the year. There are twelve court cards, because they feature  (kings, queens, and jacks). There are twelve months of the year, and twelve zodiac houses. First printed from engraving blocks in the fourteenth century, playing cards virtually unchanged for centuries. The king still features the costume of King Henry VIII day. Each card has a corresponding meaning, to the past, present and future, of your own or another's life. They can predict love, health, wealth, and happiness and forecast, as well as answer questions.

Hearts signify: love, friendship, and domestic matters. They are happy cards.

Spades signify: difficulties in life, sorrow, treachery, and infidelity.

Diamonds signify: career, money, and travel.

Clubs signify: business.

Court cards in red suits ( hears and diamonds) personify fair- haired, fair skinned people Broadly speaking, versatile rule.

Court cards in black suits( clubs and spaded ) dark hair or dark skinned people. Broadly speaking, this is a versatile rule.

If you want a more complex reading write a "R" upside down on the right-hand corner of  the card, which will indicate the image is upside down. the card meanings, have a reversed card answer. Shuffle the pack and make sure they are mixed up, with not all reversed one way.

Remove the jokers, from the pack.