Card Predictions   Magick 7


How to select cards: If you are giving the reading ,shuffle the

cards yourself, before passing the deck to them to shuffle.




Can I win the love I desire? Shuffle the deck, while thinking of the person you desire. Turn the top card face up on the left side of the table, then continue to lay down six more cards finishing on the  right, total cards is seven. If the ace of hearts appears before the spades, you will win the heart of the one you desire.

Three Wishes: Will my wish come true? Concentrate on your wish as you shuffle the deck. Bear in mind  that the nine of hearts is considered  the wish card, and the ten of spades is the disappointment card. If the nine of hearts appears before  the ten of spades, your wish will be granted.

Will I get my wish? Shuffle the deck and deal thirteen cards from  anywhere in the deck. Deal face down on the table, then turn them face up. If one or more Aces appear , place the aces to the side. Shuffle the deck again, pull out thirteen cards again. Put them face up again, pull out the aces again, and put them aside. Repeat progress once more. If in the three dealings all four aces appear, then you get your wish.

Will my wish be granted? Shuffle the cards while you concentrate in your wish. While holding the deck down, remove every seventh card, and place it in a separate pile. The pile of seven cards will answer you question. Turn the cards up. If the nine of hearts (the  "wish card" ) is among them, then you will be granted your wish.

Will I get the ( man or Woman) I want? Shuffle the pack, keeping them face down wishing for the love you desire. Randomly select thirteen cards from the deck. Place them face down in a row, beginning on the left and finishing on the right. Interpret their individual meanings from left to right. Return the thirteen cards to the deck and reshuffle. Choose eleven cards and place them face up in a row, left to right as before. Then repeat the process, selecting nine cards, then seven, then, five, and finally three cards. If  two of these last three cards are hearts, you will win the love of  (man or woman) you want.

Will that special person contact me? Shuffle deck face down. As you ask you question  remove seven cards from anywhere in the deck. Turn the cards face up. If four or more cards are red, the answer is yes. If four or more cards are black, the answer is no.

What does the immediate future hold? Shuffle the cards while holding the pack face down. Select seven cards from anywhere in the deck. From left to right, lay down the cards. The first means the present or the recent past. Second card is present or imminent future. The third card reveals more of the future, then so on up to the seventh card.

Will I succeed in this situation? Shuffle the deck face down, pick three cards , turn them face up, and there combined meanings will give you the answer you need.

What does the year hold in store for me? Shuffle cards face down, then select twenty one cards randomly. In order which you selected them from deck, place the cards face up in three rows of seven. Starting from left to right, then down a level, repeat sequence. The first card  mainly represents  currant issues. but can also incorporate  the second and third card. The following cards and the middle row unveil the unfolding future. The last row of cards mean the more distant future.

To answer a quick question. Shuffle the deck while you concentrate on your question. Randomly select one card and interpret the single card meaning, for your answer.