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Ace of Spades:

Caution to avoid grief. Relationship or project is taking  up most of your time. Grief, or litigation, due to corrupt friends or speculation. Relationship suffers before flowering.

Reversed: Death card, final chapter of a situation, relationship, or investment. Every ending has a new beginning.



Two of Spades:

Separation. Plans for change at your residence, career or relationship. may be disrupted. You could loose a friend through unforeseen problems. Don't give into your fears, move forward. Be careful in February.

Reversed: You may discover deceit, scandal or cross swords with someone.



Three of Spades:

Heartache. Divorce, separation, or breakup caused by interfering person or undermining situation. Someone will deceive or betray you, it will hurt you deeply. March brings better times. Good news in 3 days or 3 weeks.


Reversed: Alliances are threatened, but not lost.



Four of Spades:

Untimely decisions. Need for rest and recuperation, after hard work and extreme stress. Your at a crossroads making a decision about love or business. Spring will bring a new beginning.


Reversed: Loss of income, property, or health, threatens your happiness, but does not succeed.



Five of Spades:

A lovers'  reunion. You will be reunited with your lover. A happy marriage in the future, either to that person or another. Time to cut your losses from situations you can't win. 

Reversed: When your higher self governs your actions, and aspirations, you are sure to attain your goals.



Six of Spades:

Steady Progress. Put the past behind you, and embark on a calmer chapter in your life. A vast Improvement, regarding your greatest concerns is on the way.  In six weeks, six months or in June you will view life a different way.

Reversed:Despondency and delays before success.



Seven of Spades

Happiness returns. Luck is on your side, bringing business prosperity, and replacing conflict with love. Job prospects promising. Take comfort in the positive results of your hard work.


Reversed:Avoid sadness and even danger by phasing out detrimental friends and bad habits.



Eight of Spades:

Renewed hope. Family conflicts are  resolved through compromise. Friends you trust may prove unreliable or scheming. In August becareful.Romantic, business, domestic ,or holiday plans delayed.

Reversed: Common sense tells you to start over. You can nip a bad situation in the bud.



Nine of Spades:

A favorable turning point. Happiness, health and peace of mind return, after trying times. In nine days, or nine weeks or nine months from now brings more positive changes.

Reversed: Self pity negates the good coming,  in nine days, or nine weeks. By September life looks much brighter.



Ten of Spades:

Disappointment. Failure will precede success. Now losses and difficulties threaten, but single-minded  determination can help you overcome all obstacles, and turn misfortune into good fortune.


Reversed: Circumstances cause delay. If looking for a job, double your efforts.



Jack of Spades:

A well intentioned man. You will experience relief by visiting a doctor, bank manager or lawyer. You may be passing exams or winning a trophy or award. You may see good results after surviving a testing time.

Reversed: You will be faced with ordeals, that you will overcome only with arduous efforts.



Queen of Spades:

An unscrupulous woman. A spiteful dangerous female "gold digger" could disrupt your plans. She may be a widow, divorced, or unhappily married. you need to safe from destructive forces especially in October and November





King of Spades:

A tyrannical businessman. You know or will meet, charming, egotistical man of mature years, may work in law, don't trust him. He is ruthless in business, who inflicts misery on those who, oppose him.

Reversed: A widower or divorce' may cross your path and cause you grief.