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Ace of Hearts:

True Love. A great new life awaits you. A more enjoyable love life with your partner. If alone you are about to experience a new fantastic love. Within a month or in January, a romantic will send you, a love letter, flowers or music.

Reversed: A love affair is about to begin or grow sturdy.



Two of Hearts:

A lovers' meeting.  Might experience love at first sight then  a passionate love affair. Signed contract, finance or marriage brings happiness and contentment .Romantic evening, weekend, or two week holiday together.

Reversed: Your love abandons you  and breaks your heart.



Three of Hearts:

Your wish comes true. Will find romance at a party. If met someone new, a happy romance will develop. If parted and wish their return, this card promises they will. If attached you lover will continue to love you.

Reversed: Lots of social events,  enticer may already be in a relationship



Four of Hearts:

Strong partnership. Your relationship may birth two kids.  If  relationship is having hard times, patience and faith will get you through the next four weeks, four months, or until April, when matters improve.

Reversed: Unsupportive friends and  family bring offers of help & admiration



Five of Hearts:

Loving happiness. Celebration of your wedding , wedding anniversary, or engagement. Spring and summer true love will be almost perfect. Money inheritance or support  from friends and family.


Reversed: Someone very close to you, will cause you grief. Estranged love might return.



Six of Hearts:

An amorous compromise. Your love life develops slowly. Marriage proposal delayed. Jealousy could cause problems in your relationship. Six weeks, or six months from now, or June, will bring a change.


Reversed: An insincere person brings unrealistic hopes and false promises.



Seven of Hearts:

Happy love. Contentment. Wealth of opportunities await you. Your wishes for romance  are granted on the seventh of the month, in seven weeks from now, or in July. This card weakens negative cards on either side.


Reversed: A reconciliation will follow a lovers' tiff.



Eight of Hearts:

Romance liaisons. Marriage. Romantic encounter at a party, leads to long-term relationship, and thoughts of marriage. Family ties  bond, disagreements forgiven. Expect gifts & love tokens. Romantic holiday in August.

Reversed: Love doomed because of  insurmountable obstacles.



Nine of Hearts:

The wish card. New Love affair, or passionate reunion after estrangement. Your wishes come true. This feminine card predicts nine months of pregnancy, fruition of  wish, or in September or on the ninth of the month.

Reversed: Unbounded love is dangerous & regrettable. Be cautious..



Ten of Hearts:

A special new love. Expect a wedding invitation, news of marriage, or a birth. In ten days or ten weeks, a special event will bring you confidence. If you just  met someone and sense love in the air, your intuition is right.

Reversed: Romance will pass you by if you don't accept an invitation.



Jack of Hearts:

Cupid. Love is on the horizon. Can represent lover, or best friend.Young man you know, with youthful appearance and attitude, has  romantic feelings for you. Romance will light up your life especially in the summer.

Reversed: Don't settle for second best .Whoever receives your love is lucky.



Queen of Hearts:

A queen of romance. A loving, affectionate, creative, sensitive, generous, caring, faithful woman with social grace. She's like Mother Earth, loving people around her and taking care of them.


Reversed: One you thought was right for you, may disappoint you when you get to know her.



King of Hearts:

A passionate lover. Your love life is about to flourish. He's a heart throb, handsome, genuine with  affections, charming, sensitive,  needs space sometimes. Men love his humor, his charm attracts women.

Reversed: You attract a lucky love relationship, but refuse his advances.