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Ace of Diamonds:

A sparkling engagement, or marriage with rings exchanged. Benefits in money and pleasures in life. If single could find new love in a week, month or January.


Reversed: Someone is thinking of buying you a present, or asking you out on a date.



Two of  Diamonds:

A momentous love affair. Someone might reveal their true feelings. Good friends surround you, and work brings benefits. Might hear from someone you forgot, in the spring when the daffodils bloom..


Reversed: One who is  envious, might try to undermine you.



Three of Diamonds:

A emotional encounter. You need to move to the next stage, a new project. Trust in your talents and implement your full potential. Celebration in March, and good news by phone.


Reversed: Trust your intuitive feelings about unpleasant people and places.



Four of Diamonds:

Compromise. In a battle of wits, have your say, don't be rendered powerless, compromise instead. Financially you are stable, even if you think not. It is a good time for new investments. Good news adds strength in April.


Reversed: Against all odds you will succeed.



Five of Diamonds:

Happiness at home, brilliant business, fun and happy .in your. relationship. If unattached  new lover might come, in five weeks, or five months, or May. Go after your dreams, fear of unknown should not stop you..

Reversed: You will be spending time with your loved ones.



Six of Diamonds:

Passion. Have caution before considering the next step in your relationship, or renewing a relationship with acquaintance from the past. You will meet fun, charming new friends. Might be a change of scenery. Travel in June near water.


Reversed: Your creativity will make you money.



Seven of  Diamonds:

Prudence. New financial developments, will uplift you to start a new path. Sacrifices will make your ambitions come to reality. when your age is dividable by the number seven, it's the beginning of seven years of good luck.


Reversed: Your instincts are right.



Eight of Diamonds:

Brilliant opportunities. If your want a new directions in your career, look at your abilities and skills, and consider a living based on these talents and your special uniqueness. Vacation in August.


Reversed: Someone might  undermine your confidence.



Nine of Diamonds:

Love and travel. Financial gain and prosperity, are on the way. Travel may lead to new prospect, or new love. May move to better job or home. In Nine days, nine weeks, or in September, a new phase will begin, will be hard but fruitful.


Reversed: You will choose how to make a living.



Ten of Diamonds:

A journey. A new Journey, reunion or meeting. Financial or property luck. Someone from the past might contact you, with romance in mind. The ten of the month, ten weeks from now or October, will bring new you a optimism.

Reversed: Don't waste your time on undeserving people.



Jack of Diamonds:

A man and a letter. Busy phase of travel, social, and business events. A young man who loves you enjoys freedom and travel, he will help your career along  in ways.

Reversed: Someone you might know wants to seduce you. They might cause you a deep unhappiness.



Queen of Diamonds:

An approachable woman. A  popular, good company woman. She entices men to fall in love with her. She is outgoing, but keeps feelings to her self. Her intuition is good, a problem solver. You will take a trip to a new place.

Reversed: Any gossip or criticism, will fade quickly.



King of Diamonds:

A powerful man. Businessman who is easy- going, but ambitious and determined. He gives practical and financial help, but only on his terms. Beware he may abandon you, if  there is no more advantages for him.

Reversed: You may encounter a double-dealer in love or business.