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Ace of Clubs

Extreme prosperity. Success  financially,  within the year. Make most of initiating new ideas or projects. People of wealth, and status will include you. January brings new opportunities. 


Reversed: expect good news about money or exams.



Two of Clubs:

Avoid pooling your resources. Don't overreach yourself, and you will have favorable results in business dealing, or forms of speculation. Improvement in situations in two months ,or February.

Reversed:  money owed to you surprisingly, will return.



Three Of Clubs:

Financial success, in business and speculations. Everything is going well, seize the opportunities. Good news and happiness in three months or in March.


Reversed: You might lavish money on a new car, or domestic improvements in March.



Four of Clubs:

Financial instability. Decline in financial fortune, but soon after fund raising efforts will be successful. Good news in April.


Reversed:. Be watchful of thieves, secure your precious items.




Five of Clubs:

A wealthy marriage. If well off, it will continue. If unlucky work hard, and you will make your wishes come true. If single you  might meet a  nice new lover at work. May will bring changes.         


Reversed: Financial problems disappear through work.



Six of Clubs:

Unexpected financial gain. New work opportunities arise through past work business success. Stay in contact with friend who gave wise advice in the past. June promising month.


Reversed: Good news reply, to a letter you sent about your career.



Seven of Clubs:

Good news. Arrival of success will be through letters or business contacts. As prosperity gains, pleasures, status, and security, will bring great joy. Success depends how you use the number seven in a lottery. 


Reversed: Don't lend or borrow money.



Eight of  Clubs:

A successful gamble. Card of chance, you will win the gamble. If your sixth sense tells you to stop gambling for now, rely on your intuition. Advances in business on the eight day of month, or in August.


Reversed: Avoid foolish speculations, in financial matters.



Nine of Clubs:

Immediate opportunities. Your  in control of your fast track career. Difficult financial solutions, will be resolve in nine weeks, or September.


Reversed: Keep a low profile, situations now are unstable.




Ten of Clubs:

Money luck. Destiny will improve by  business dealings. It's a good time to sign contracts, and make good business investments. Changes might occur in ten days, or on the tenth of the month , or October.

Reversed: Travel might be delayed, but look at exploring new places.



Jack of Clubs:

Studious young man. He is a lovable affectionate and flirtatious rogue. Rewards are gained through his hard work, ambition  and determination. He might influence you to move or change direction.


Reversed: Beware, his folly, he can be destructive for both of you.



Queen of Clubs:

Supportive tender woman who is attractive, confident, and has a maternal nature. She attracts many admirers, and friends. You can confide in her, she might  help in business matters.


Reversed: A woman might be jealous of you so be discreet.



King of Clubs:

Helpful strong man.  Reliable, practical, efficient, financially stable, mentally and physically mature, business man. He is fond of you. With honorable intentions, he may give you expert advice, job or partnership, but not marriage.

Reversed:  Miserly man will help you, but only at a price.