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Candle magic Lore


















A portent of good news


If a candle flame emits a spark, good news is coming from the direction of which the sparks flew. To determine the sender , look at the wax drippings. If the wax forms on the right side of the candle, the sender is male. If wax  forms on the left, the sender is female. His or her initials may also be found in the pools of wax.



Simple candle divination


Light a candle with a yes or no question in your mind. If the wax drips and forms on the right hand side if the candle, the answer is yes. If wax forms on the left hand side of the candle, the answer is no.



You are not alone


A candle that burns with a blue flame ,indicates that  there is a spirit in the room.



You will meet a new lover


You will meet a stranger who becomes your  lover, when a clump of soot is on a candle wick.



To determine who loves you most


Light a candle and speak the name of each of your suitors. The flame will burn brightest and highest as you speak the name of of the one who loves you most.



When will my wish come true?


Light three candles, the first candle represents a month. The second candle represents two months. The third candle represents three months. The last candle to extinguish itself predicts the time when your wish will come true.



Weather predictions


If a candle refuses to light, rain is coming. If the flame sways, windy weather is forecast. If  a flame is sputtering, gales and storms are predicted.



Candle superstitions


It is a omen of bad luck, when a candle extinguishes itself on its own or if it goes out when it is being carried it foretells an untimely ending to a situation, or a death. But if someone snuffs out a candle by accident, it is a omen that that person will soon  receive a wedding invitation.