Magick 7


Candle Colour Magic













BLACK - Banishing Negativity, Absorbing Negativity, Repelling Negativity, Freedom From Evil, Dark Thoughts, Protection Spells, Binding.


BLUE - Healing, Peace, Patience, Psychic Realm, Happiness, Harmony, Joy, Fulfillment. Blue is the Color that will build a strong force field of protective energy around you.


BROWN - Grounding, Down to Earth, Stability, Security, Justice. Spells Involving Friendship, Favors or Influencing Others.


COPPER - Stimulate healing, To Chanel your Energy, Astral Travel, Generate Ideas


GOLD - Richs, Extra Strength, Ultimate Power, Engagement, Wisdom, Brings Strength to the mind and Body 


GRAY - Invisibility, Creating Confusion, To End Gossip or Arguments.


GREEN - Money, Prosperity, Employment, Fertility, Business, Good Crops, Healing of the Heart, To Heal Female Problems, Balance and Harmony.


INDIGO - Spiritual Awareness, Self Assurance, Hidden Knowledge, New Insights.


ORANGE - Attraction, Energy, Increasing Personal Physical Energy, Opening the Way, Prophetic Dreams, Change of Plans, Opportunity.


RED - Strength, Physical Energy, Sex, Passion, Courage, Protection, and Defensive Magic, Love Magic, Affection, Marriage.


PINK - Friendship, Compassion Relaxation, Attraction, Romance, Clean Living, Strengthens a Life Partner with Love, Send a Message of Love, Gentleness Love and Fun.


PURPLE - Power, Spirituality, Meditation, Control, Command, Leadership, Personal Fulfillment, Psychic Ability.


SILVER - Draws negative energy from the body and replace it with positive energy. Strengthens the link between the physical and astral body. Telepathy, Clairvoyance, Intuition.


YELLOW - Intellect, Confidence, Divination, Communication, Travel, Prayer, Cheerfulness, Creativity, Spiritual Growth, Focus, Learning.


WHITE - Protection Spells, Purification, Spiritual blessings, Healing, Honoring and understanding Your Spiritual Self, Finding Peace,